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Audience Design

Audience Design

TorinoFilmLab is one of the pioneering institutions in the field of Audience Design.

TFL has been exploring this concept for audience engagement since 2011 through tailor-made workshops for film professionals & feature film teams, and through the TFL Audience Design Fund, a grant and consultancy supporting the distribution phase.


So, what is Audience Design? This dynamic and flexible concept is a unique combination of TFL’s initial story-based approach and a mix of new and existing practices, methods, and tools that are put to use in a practical and thorough hands-on process aimed at building an audience engagement strategy plan for feature films from the stage of the final script draft and onwards through the distribution stage.


Why? Because making films is not only about writing, developing and producing, it is very much about the need to find and build an audience. Before any audience relationship can be formed with a film, the possible points of connection and discovery need to be imagined, anticipated, and planned for. This is the journey of Audience Design.


The work process of Audience Design is structured to become an integrated part of the general film production work cycle. As an additional tool in the production process, it can empower and support film teams to find ways to identify, reach, and engage their specific audiences with their specific film and story. The overall aim is to maximise the output of their efforts by exploring any available resources with an audience in mind.


         “Audience Design is the process of creating 
         audience awareness and engagement around films, 
         from an early stage of development 
         through a story-based and multi-angle approach.”


Valeria Richter (Creative Producer & Scriptwriter, Denmark) and Lena Thiele (Creative Director & Author, Germany) have developed and theorized the concept of Audience Design for TorinoFilmLab. Since 2011, they contributed to designing the TFL workshop’s – training film, media and digital professionals. Valeria and Lena also co-wrote the methodology book Audience Design - An Introduction (2018), gathering tools and tips to develop, implement and evaluate a successful audience design strategy for feature film projects.


TFL Audience Design Fund

The TFL Audience Design Fund has been launched in 2014 thanks to the support of the Creative Europe – MEDIA sub-programme support to International Co-production Funds.


Audience Design Award – by WCF Europe & TFL


Professionals trained with TFL

Audience Design – An Introduction


Click on the cover to access the publication Audience Design - An Introduction (2018), by Valeria Richter and Lena Thiele.