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Script&Pitch, AdaptLab, Story Editing and Audience Design selection revealed!

Script&Pitch, AdaptLab, Story Editing and Audience Design selection revealed!

February 5, 2015

TorinoFilmLab is happy to reveal the selection for its Script&Pitch, Story Editing, AdaptLab and Audience Design programmes!
Script&Pitch –  The advanced scriptwriting training for international scriptwriters working on fiction feature films has reached its 10th edition
Carlos Armella (Mexico) – GO YOUTH!
Jonas Carpignano (Italy) – A CIAMBRA
Gilles Coulier and Tom Dupont (Belgium) – CARGO
Maya Da-Rin (Brazil) – THE FEVER
Ricky Rijneke (The Netherlands) – THE HUNTER’S SON
Laurie Lassalle (France) - PLACID MONSTERS
Dragomir Sholev and Martin Iliev (Bulgaria) – PIG 
Sonja Tarokić (Croatia) – THE STAFFROOM
Ioana Uricaru (Romania) - PAPERCLIP
Çağla Zencirci (Turkey) and Guillaume Giovanetti (France) – THE PRINCESS SPRING
Carlo Zoratti and Cosimo Bizzarri (Italy) – LA VITA NUOVA
Story Editing – The new TFL programme aimed at films and media professionals accompanying writers, directors and producers in the development of original or adapted fiction feature film scripts
Laure Caillol (France)
Filip Kasperaszek (Poland)
Tine Mosegaard (Denmark)
Ayman El Amir (Egypt) 
Laura Piani (France)
AdaptLab – The course for international scriptwriters wishing to develop a book-to-screen adaptation
6 participants working on as many pre-selected novels:
Geoff Bellhouse (UK)
Nathalie Biancheri (Russia/Italy/Germany)
Maxim Cirlan (Moldovia/Romania)
Philip Kelly (Ireland)
Ivan Knežević (Serbia)
Manuela Piemonte (Italy)
Among the pre-selected novels: Buona Fortuna (Good Luck) by Barbara Fiorio, published by Mondadori (IT); Ti Ascolto (The Listener) by Federica De Paolis, published by Bompiani (IT); Il Segreto degli Annwyn (The Annwyn’s Secret) by Claudine Giovannoni, published by Edizioni Ulivo (CH); Extraits des Archives du District (From the Distric File) by Kenneth Bernard, published by Le Tripode Publishing (FR) and Gösta Berlings Saga (The Saga of Gösta Berling) by Selma Largerlöf, published by Penguin Classics (UK); Back to the Coast by Saskia Noort, published by Bitter Lemon Press (UK).
6 participants working on their own adaptation projects:
Uri Bar-on (Israel) – JAMES DEAN IN TEL-AVIV, based on the novel Killing the Second Dog by Marek Hłasko
Miguel Clara Vasconcelos (Portugal) – SHIPWRECKING, based on the novel Passages by Teolinda Gersao
Catherine Maximoff (France) – STILL HAPPY THAT SUMMER IS COMING, based on the novel of the same name by Christiane Rochefort
Burhan Qurbani and Martin Behnke (Germany) – BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ, based on the novel of the same name by Alfred Döblin
Adam Sanderson (Israel/Germany) – THE VICTIM, based on the novel of the same name by Saul Bellow
Malik Vitthal (USA) and Ismet Prcic (Bosnia & Herzegovina/USA) – YOUR FACE IN MINE, based on the novel of the same name by Jess Row.
Audience Design – The training course for international media professionals interested in the creation of film audience pre-awareness through cross-platform ideas. This 5th edition features the following audience designers:
Francesca Conti (Italy)
Greta Nordio (Italy)
Gosia Kucharska (Poland)
Riema Reybrouck (Belgium)
Joanna Solecka (Poland)
Emma Wang (China)