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TorinoFilmLab announces selection for FrameWork 2015

TorinoFilmLab announces selection for FrameWork 2015

May 15, 2015

TorinoFilmLab’s FrameWork 2015 programme will include 6 first and 3 second feature films projects from all over the world. The creative teams – composed of scriptwriters, directors & producers – will take part in the development lab, working on their projects throughout 2 workshops under the guidance of experts from various fields of filmmaking. 
The first session will take place on 18-25 July, 2015 in Motovun (Croatia), with the support of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, and the Slovenian Film Centre, and in partnership with the Motovun Film Festival.
The second session will comprise the 8th TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event – held during the 33rd Torino Film Festival on November 25-27, 2015 – when the projects will be pitched to more than 200 Decision Makers. An international Jury will assign Production Awards; besides, the attending film professionals will give an Audience Award, and TorinoFilmLab’s partners will award various collateral prizes.
The projects & teams that will take part in FrameWork 2015 are:
- AA by Jack Faber (Israel) – 1st feature. Producers: Amir Harel – Lama Films (Israel); Opus Film (Poland). During the last night of their heritage tour in Poland, a group of Israeli high-school students confront themselves – when a not so innocent prank quickly spins beyond control and the violent nature of their present lives erupts.
- DAOUD’S WINTER by Koutaiba Al-Janabi (Iraq/UK) – 2nd feature. Producers: Trent – Oak Motion Pictures (Netherlands); Alcatraz Films (France). Iraq, winter 1988. Daoud, a young soldier, deserts his army base to return the body of his deceased friend to his home. TFL’s INTERCHANGE 2013.
- DIAMOND ISLAND by Davy Chou (France/Cambodia) – 1st feature. Producers: Charlotte Vincent – Aurora Films (France); Vycky Films (France); Anti Archive (Cambodia). 17 year-old Bora leaves his village for the worksites of the ultra-modern “Diamond Island”, where he meets his charismatic older brother Solei, from whom he hadn’t heard in 3 years. Solei will introduce him to the world of Cambodia’s well-off youth.
- KIDS FROM THE EAST by Aramisova (★ 27 October 1973 - ✝ 19 June 2015) (Slovakia) - 1st feature. Producers: Michal Kráčmer – Cinédix (Czech Republic); Fly United (Slovakia). Co-writer: Lucie Bokšteflová (Czech Republic). 10-year-old Sasha is a member of a children gang. A movie about kids’ desire for adventure and the power of friendship that develops through an experience of danger.
- LA FILLE DE L’ESTUAIRE by Gaëlle Denis (France) – 1st feature. Producer: Ohna Falby – Life to Live Films (UK). Growing up in a broken family in a sleepy coastal town in Brittany, 10-year-old Marnie drifts and roams the bordering estuary, letting her vivid imagination run wild. She is enrolled in intensive summer dance classes, but her mother’s departure from home and the encounter with an enigmatic stranger will turn her life upside down and jeopardize her solo in the end of summer show.
- NOTHING ELSE MATTRESS by Bryn Chainey (Australia/UK) – 1st feature. Producer: Christopher Sharp – Sharp Films (Australia). A comedy-drama set in the melting hot suburbs of Australia in the mid-1990s about Rhys, a neurotic teenager with an over-active imagination and a dirty secret under his bed. TFL’s SCRIPT&PITCH 2014.
- SOW THE WIND by Danilo Caputo (Italy) – 2nd feature. Producers: Jacques Bidou & Marianne Dumoulin – JBA Production (France); Paolo Benzi – Okta Film (Italy). Raised by a grandmother who people considered a witch, 22-year-old Nica is an unusual and determined girl. After agronomic studies, she comes back to Taranto to find a rundown village, a resigned mother and a father oppressed by gambling debts.
- SUNSET by Laszlo Nemes (Hungary) – 2nd feature. Producer: Gabor Sipos – Laokoon Cinema Kft (Hungary). Co-writers: Matthieu Taponier & Clara Royer (France). Budapest, 1910. Iris Leiter, just turned 21, exits the orphanage where she was raised to become a seamstress. With plans of immigrating to New York, she goes to the “Leiter & Brill” hat store currently run by her late parents’ partner, Oszkár Brill. TFL’s SCRIPT&PITCH 2012.
- THE HEIRESSES by Marcelo Martinessi (Paraguay) – 1st feature. Producer: Karen Fraenkel – Mira (Paraguay).
Asunción, 2012. Chela and Martina have been living together for more than 30 years. As heiresses from prosperous families, they have lived comfortably without the need to work. But when they both turn 60, the inheritance starts to run out. TFL’s SCRIPT&PITCH 2014.
- THE NIGHT DEVOURED THE WORLD by Dominique Rocher (France) – 1st feature. Producer: Carole Scotta – Haut et Court (France). Co-writers: Guillaume Lemans & Jérémie Guez (France). Sam falls into an agitated sleep at a Parisian party. When he wakes up all people have become zombies. Sam is going to have to barricade himself inside a building and organize his survival. But what's the point of living when you're alone in the world?