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4 TorinoFilmLab debut films at Venice Film Festival 2015

4 TorinoFilmLab debut films at Venice Film Festival 2015

July 29, 2015

The presence of TorinoFilmLab-supported films at the 72nd Venice Film Festival is sizeable, with four debut features: one in Competition, two in Orizzonti, and one at the Venice Days. The selected directors come from Italy, Israel, Greece and China.
Piero Messina’s first feature THE WAIT in Competition
Italian helmer Piero Messina’s debut THE WAIT, whose script was developed at Script&Pitch 2013, has the honour of being selected in Competition: produced by Nicola Giuliano for Indigo Film, the movie stars Juliette Binoche in the lead role.
MOUNTAIN by Israeli writer/director Yaelle Kayam, included in the Orizzonti, line-up, has been accompanied by TorinoFilmLab in its entire journey: from the development of the script in Script&Pitch 2012, to the pre-production work in FrameWork 2013, until being granted a TFL Production Award of € 65.000 in the same year; in 2014 the project won the first edition of the TFL Distribution Fund, receiving financial support for distribution in 3 territories and benefiting from participation in TFL’s Audience Design programme 2015.
Moreover, INTERRUPTION (formerly STAGE FRIGHT) by Yorgos Zois (Greece) is also in Orizzonti: after participating in FrameWork 2012, the project has been supported with a TFL Production Award of € 80.000.
The fourth TFL debut film in Venice 2015 is UNDERGROUND FRAGRANCE by Chinese director Song Peng Fei: developed at FrameWork 2011 and winner of a TFL Production Award of € 140.000, the film competes in the 12th edition of the Venice Days.

2 TFL projects at Venice's European Gap-Financing Market & one at Final Cut in Venice
The festival's European Gap-Financing Market also features two French projects developed at FrameWork respectively in 2013 and 2015: FREAKING by Julia Ducournau and DIAMOND ISLAND by Davy Chou.

Last but not least ALI, THE GOAT AND IBRAHIM by Sherif Elbendary (Egypt), developed at Interchange 2011, will be part of Final Cut in Venice, a two-day workshop dedicated to provide concrete assistance in the completion of films from Africa and from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.