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TFL Coming Soon: the new work-in-progress showcase of TorinoFilmLab!

TFL Coming Soon: the new work-in-progress showcase of TorinoFilmLab!

October 23, 2015

TorinoFilmLab is thrilled to announce the launch of a new activity enriching the programme of its upcoming 8thMeeting Event (Turin, 25-27 November 2015): TFL Coming Soon.

Targeted exclusively at sales agents and film festivals, this work-in-progress showcase – to include screenings of films excerpts  – will take place in the morning of November 27th, 2015.

Following the creation of the Audience Design Programme & the connected TFL Distribution Fund supporting innovative distribution strategies, the initiative constitutes another active step to ensure projects developed at TorinoFilmLab access markets and reach audiences. TFL pursues its commitment to accompanying the whole life cycle of films from writing phase up to distribution.

11 TFL-supported films in their completion stage and planned for a launch in 2016 will be featured. We proudly highlight the geographical variety of the line-up, ranging from Chile to Finland passing by Morocco, most of which are international co-productions

Among others, there are 7 first feature films and only 2 projects received a TFL Production Award, proving the high rate of completion of all projects developed through TFL Programmes.

The 2015 edition of TFL Coming Soon is composed as follows:

- ALOYS (S&P 2009, FW 2010) by Tobias Nölle – Switzerland/France
- EL CRISTO CIEGO (S&P 2012) by Christopher Murray – Chile/France 
- DOGS (S&P 2013) by Bogdan Mirica – France/Romania/Bulgaria
- THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFE OF OLLI MÄKI (S&P 2014) by Juho Kuosmanen – Finland/Germany/Sweden
- HOME (S&P 2014) by Fien Troch – Belgium
- JESUS (S&P 2012, FW 2013) by Fernando Guzzoni – Chile/France/Germany/Greece/Colombia
- LAS MIMOSAS (IC 2011) by Oliver Laxe – Spain/Morocco/France
- THE POLAR BOY (S&P 2008) by Anu Aun – Estonia
- REY (S&P 2011, FW 2012) by Niles Atallah – Chile/France, TFL Distribution Fund & Audience Design 2015
- THAT TRIP WE TOOK WITH DAD (S&P 2010, FW 2011) by Anca M. Lazarescu – Germany/Romania
- TOGETHER FOREVER (S&P 2012) by Lina Luzyte – Lithuania/Romania