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REY to compete for the Hivos Tiger Awards at IFFR 2017!

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REY to compete for the Hivos Tiger Awards at IFFR 2017!

January 9, 2017

This 2017 could not have started better: TFL-supported film REY, by Chilean scriptwriter and director Niles Atallah will premiere within the Hivos Tiger Competition at IFFR 2017 (25 January-5 February).

Atallah's second feature REY - "both an intricately designed adventure film as well as powerful textural experiment" as it can be read on the Festival's blog - was developed at Script&Pitch 2011 and FrameWork 2012, it gained a TFL World Distribution Award - currently TFL Audience Design Fund - in 2015.

The film is produced by Mômerade (France), Diluvio (Chile), unafilm (Germany) and Circe Films (Netherlands).

A total of 8 films will compete for the awards during the upcoming festival, among which TFL Alumna Hagar Ben Asher new feature THE BURGLAR. 

"This year's line-up of the Hivos Tiger Competition features bold and daring filmmakers that don’t shun the use of other media, alternative narrative structures and provocative and relevant themes. The nominees and their works deserve international recognition for their artistry", says the Festival's director Bero Beyer.

Check the full line-up here.

Last but not least, TFL Alumna Fien Troch will be part of the Hivos Tiger Awards Jury.

What else to say? Fingers crossed and happy new year, TFL people!