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ScriptLab - match point 2017: scriptwriters on commission announced!

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ScriptLab - match point 2017: scriptwriters on commission announced!

March 2, 2017

TorinoFilmLab is glad to announce the names of the scriptwriters on commission that complete the ScriptLab - match point selection!

Please welcome on board TFL Alumna and scriptwriter/director Nathalie Biancheri, Italo-German writer and modern art curator Damiano Femfert and Polish scriptwriter and script consultant Blazej Dzikowski.

Here are the "matches":

Nathalie Biancheri (Italy/UK/Russia) will be paired with Spanish producer Cristina Zummáraga to develop her project VICTORIA.

Damiano Femfert (Italy/Germany) will work with Italian producer Flaminio Zadra on a contemporary adaptation of Giacomo Puccini's TURANDOT.

Blazej Dzikowski (Poland) will team up with German producer Nicole Gerhards to work on the adaptation of Nana Rademacher's debut novel WE ARE HERE for the screen.

You can have a look at the producers' profiles (and the rest of the ScriptLab selection) here.

We are looking forward to the very first workshop of ScriptLab, to be held in Vilnius on 20-26 March thanks to the support of the Lithuanian Film Centre, where the participants of all the 4 actions (original, adaptation, story editing and match point) will come together.