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Come “Meet TFL”: join TFL Round Tables on July 6th morning!

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Come “Meet TFL”: join TFL Round Tables on July 6th morning!

June 26, 2017

On Thursday, July 6th from 10am to 11.30am TorinoFilmLab invites you to its special event, “Meet TFL – Round Tables”.

In the frame of the 52nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival,TorinoFilmLab will held its 6th Alumni Meeting - the annual networking event conceived as a moment for former participants to come together to exchange ideas on filmmaking as well as to discuss their upcoming projects.

The first “Meet TFL” event will consist of several round tables covering the lab’s main fields of activity and moderated by TFL Alumni and staff. Come explore TFL's Cutting edge training offer, Seriality, Development and co-production in Europe and New ways of distribution and audience engagement!

The idea of this round table is to offer participants an overview about TorinoFilmLab's activities and network. TorinoFilmLab is not only an international laboratory but also a community of professionals who stay connected throughout the years, sharing knowledge, exchanging information and, in some cases, working together. Starting from the overview of TorinoFilmLab's programmes, awards and funds, the conversation will open to cases coming from the table in order to show in concrete terms the opportunities that filmmakers can find in TorinoFilmLab.

In the last decade the academic debate on television seriality has become lively and often quite animated, in the US as well as in Europe. The traditional hierarchic relation between cinema and television is clearly represented by the form of the most recent TV drama, whose boundaries are more and more difficult to locate. The main issue at stake seems to be the so-called “cinematic television”: the round table will take into consideration these oxymoron, with the aim of considering both its risks and opportunities. A great variety of items are grouped under the “TV series” label, but they are very different as far as content, production values and audience reactions are concerned.

The round table triggers a discussion about the growing number of European (co-)development initiatives and how much they can diversify the co-production landscape in Europe. The discussion particularly focuses on the experiences of first-time/second-time filmmakers from both big and small European countries, as well as on collaboration with non-European countries.

Embracing the transition to the digital age has become a necessary skill to survive the changing landscape of distribution and audience engagement. TorinoFilmLab Audience Design Programme has been one of the first initiatives dedicated to developing an early audience engagement awareness by working with the creative teams since an early stage of development to design a strategic approach focused on promoting independent and art-house film. We will discuss how film industry can react to and take advantage of the digital landscape. From the many emerging tools of digital distribution vs. theatrical release, to new strategies of audience engagement that go beyond the classical film marketing approach, working on social media outreach and on building communities as well as offline activities.


In the afternoon (4.30pm – 6pm), the encounter will continue with a second event dedicated to the current state of the industry, in which Tutors, Alumni and staff from TorinoFilmLab will come together on stage to share their thoughts on a wide range of themes: Pre-writing, Listening as a creative act, Dialogue in Film or Virtual Reality are just some of the subjects that will be tackled.


The round tables are open for registration to all KVIFF Industry accreditees.

Please contact:

Deadline: Thursday 29th June

Access on the spot without registration will be subject to availability.