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TFL Meeting Event 2017 line-up: 9 “TFL Coming Soon” films in progress join 34 ScriptLab & FeatureLab projects

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TFL Meeting Event 2017 line-up: 9 “TFL Coming Soon” films in progress join 34 ScriptLab & FeatureLab projects

October 12, 2017

As the 10th edition of the TFL Meeting Event (24-25 November) approaches, we are very excited to announce the selection for our TFL Coming Soon 2017 work-in-progress showcase, dedicated to presenting films developed within TorinoFilmLab’s programmes that are in their final completion stages to a selected industry audience of sales agents, distributors and festival representatives.

Acclaimed works that were previewed at TFL Coming Soon in the past include festival favourites THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFE OF OLLI MÄKI, MIMOSAS, HOME, Oscars 2018 national entries BARRAGE, FÉLICITÉ and THE WOUND and recent Toronto title BEAST.

This year’s line-up will present 4 much-awaited debuts and 4 second features, as well as a film from a more experienced director. Only one of the films currently has a sales agent attached.

The “debutantes” range from Europe, with renowned documentary-maker Adina Pintilie (Romania), cyclist-turned-director Kenneth Mercken (Belgium) and multi-awarded short films helmer Gabriel Abrantes (Portugal), to the Americas, with Abrantes’ co-director Daniel Schmidt (USA) and 2016 short film Golden Lion winner Marcelo Martinessi (Paraguay). The second-time feature directors are Duccio Chiarini and Giorgio Cugno, both from Italy, and Central and Eastern Europeans Sonja Prosenc (Slovenia) and Dragomir Sholev (Bulgaria). György Pálfi’s sci-fi book-to-screen adaptation, a co-production between Hungary and Canada, completes the line-up.

The 9 films to be presented at TFL Coming Soon 2017 are:

- ALIEN FOOD (Italy/Denmark) by Giorgio Cugno
Producer: Ganglio Film – Italy.

- COUREUR (Belgium/Italy) by Kenneth Mercken – 1st FEATURE
Producer: Czar Film – Belgium.

- DIAMANTINO (Portugal/France/Brazil) by Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt – 1st FEATURE
Producer: Les Films du Belier – France.

- HIS MASTER’S VOICE (Hungary/Canada) by György Pálfi
Producer: KMH Film – Hungary.

- HISTORY OF LOVE (Slovenia/Italy/Norway) by Sonja Prosenc
Producer: Monoo – Slovenia.

- PIG (Bulgaria) by Dragomir Sholev
Producer: Gorilla Film – Bulgaria.

- THE GUEST (Italy/Switzerland/France) by Duccio Chiarini
Producer: Mood Film – Italy.

- THE HEIRESSES (Paraguay/Germany/Uruguay/Brazil/Norway) by Marcelo Martinessi – 1st FEATURE
Producer: La Babosa Cine – Paraguay.

- TOUCH ME NOT (Romania/Germany/Czech Republic/Bulgaria/France) by Adina Pintilie – 1st FEATURE
Producer: Manekino Film – Romania.

In the image: a still photo from THE HEIRESSES.

These 9 work-in-progress films will be showcased alongside the pitch presentations of the 22 early stage projects developed at ScriptLab and the 12 projects in advanced development that took part in FeatureLab throughout the year.

ScriptLab projects
- 500 YEARS A DAY (Israel/France) by Elad Keidan – 2nd FEATURE

- AMPARO (Colombia/Sweden) by Simón Mesa Soto – 1st FEATURE

- BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (Czech Republic) by Ondřej Hudeček. Co-written by Jan Smutný – 1st FEATURE

- DARK MOTHER EARTH (Croatia/Slovenia) by Rok Biček. Co-written by Kristian Novak – 2nd FEATURE

- ESPERANZA (Spain) written by Nathalie Biancheri. Producer: Cristina Zumárraga

- FOLDING CITY (USA/China) by Josh Kim. Co-written by Edward Gunawan – 2nd FEATURE

- FORTRESS (Belgium) by Jessica Woodworth

- HARVEST (France/Lebanon) by Ely Dagher – 1st FEATURE

- LA CIVIL (Belgium/Romania) by Teodora Ana Mihai. Co-written by Habacuc Antonio De Rosario – 1st FEATURE

- LAUNDRY (South Africa) by Zamo Mkhwanazi – 1st FEATURE

- MEDUSA (Brazil/France) by Anita Rocha da Silveira – 2nd FEATURE

- MITRA (Netherlands) by Kaweh Modiri – 2nd FEATURE

- NIGHTS AND DAYS (Bulgaria) by Konstantin Bojanov

- PLUM SEASON (Morocco) by Rim Mejdi – 1st FEATURE

- RED MERCURY (France) by William Laboury – 1st FEATURE

- SELENE66 (Greece) by Jacqueline Lentzou – 1st FEATURE

- SMALL BODY (Italy) by Laura Samani. Co-written by Elisa Dondi – 1st FEATURE

- SWEAT (Poland) by Magnus von Horn – 2nd FEATURE

- TURANDOT (Italy) written by Damiano Femfert. Producer: Flaminio Zadra

- WE WERE HERE (Germany) written by Błażej Dzikowski. Producer: Nicole Gerhards

- YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING (Israel) by Michal Vinik ­– 2nd FEATURE

- ZORRO (Germany/Italy/Belgium) by Ronny Trocker – 2nd FEATURE

FeatureLab projects
- ABOU LEILA (Algeria/France) by Amin Sidi-Boumédine – 1st FEATURE
Producers: Louise Bellicaud & Claire Charles-Gervais – In Vivo Films, France.

- ALFA (Bosnia & Herzegovina/Italy/Croatia/France) by Una Gunjak – 1st FEATURE
Producers: Amra Bakšić Čamo & Cecilia Frugiuele – SCCA/, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

- FEATHERS OF A FATHER (France/Egypt) by Omar El Zohairy – 1st FEATURE
Co-written by Ahmed Amer
Producer: Juliette Lepoutre – Still Moving, France.

- NATURAL LIGHT (Hungary) by Dénes Nagy – 1st FEATURE
Producer: Marcell Gerõ – Campfilm, Hungary.

- PELICAN BLOOD (Germany) by Katrin Gebbe – 2nd FEATURE
Producer: Verena Gräfe-Höft – Junafilm, Germany.

- SOLE (Italy/France/Poland) by Carlo Sironi – 1st FEATURE
Producer: Giovanni Pompili – Kino Produzioni, Italy.

- TASTE (Vietnam/Singapore) by Bao Le – 1st FEATURE
Producers: Thi Phuong Thao Dong – Le Bien Pictures, Vietnam & Weijie Lai – E&W Films, Singapore.

- THE DEFENDANT (Colombia/France) by Franco Lolli – 2nd FEATURE
Co-written by Virginie Legeay
Producers: Franco Lolli – Evidencia Films, Colombia & Christophe Barral – Les Films du Worso, France.

- WHETHER THE WEATHER IS FINE (Philippines/France/Singapore) by Carlo Francisco Manatad – 1st FEATURE
Producer: Armi Rae Cacanindin – Quantum Films, Philippines.

- WILDLAND (Denmark) directed by Jeanette Nordahl – 1st FEATURE
Written by Ingeborg Topsøe
Producer: Eva Jakobsen – Snowglobe Film, Denmark.

Indonesian projects (in partnership with BEKRAF)
- AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Makbul Mubarak – 1st FEATURE
Producer: Yulia Evina Bhara – KawanKawan Media, Indonesia.

- TALE OF THE LAND by Loeloe Hendra – 1st FEATURE
Producer: Siska Raharja – Elora Production, Indonesia.