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ScriptLab reaches a new peak with 510 submissions for the 2018 edition!

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ScriptLab reaches a new peak with 510 submissions for the 2018 edition!

December 18, 2017

The second edition of ScriptLab, TorinoFilmLab’s programme focusing on the development of fiction feature film scripts, holds the promise of another exciting season: we are glad to announce a record of 441 submitted projects, coming from more than 75 countries, along with 69 applications for ScriptLab – story editing.

20 projects as well as 5 story editor trainees will be selected to participate in the programme, working with 5 experienced Tutors. For this year’s edition, we are pleased to collaborate again with script consultants: Giacomo Durzi (Italy), Pierre Hodgson (United Kingdom), Răzvan Rădulescu (Romania) and Franz Rodenkirchen (Germany). We would also like to give a special welcome to Nadja Dumouchel (France), who was trained as a story editor within TFL Script&Pitch programme in 2012, and who will be joining the team this year!

Ewa Puszczyńska (Poland) will also accompany the participants as Talent Advisor, giving them broader advice on their project & their career.

Last but not least, we would like to give a special thanks to our partners: for the first time, TorinoFilmLab will collaborate with the Greek Film Centre, who will host the 1st residential workshop. A deep thanks also to our long-time French partner Le Groupe Ouest, hosting the 2nd residential workshop, as well as BEKRAF – Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy, Cinema do BrasilNetherlands Film Fund and VAF – Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

The selection for ScriptLab 2018 will be announced in February. Don’t miss it!