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The 9 SeriesLab 2019 projects take the stage on March, 26th at Series Mania Forum

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The 9 SeriesLab 2019 projects take the stage on March, 26th at Series Mania Forum

March 22, 2019

We are glad to present the 9 innovative European TV Series that took part in the third edition of SeriesLab. The Book of Projects is now available here.

Series Mania Forum (France) is welcoming the final pitching session of the programme, to be held at Lille Grand Palais - Auditorium Eurotop on March 26 th, 2019 from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm. The presentation will be followed by two half-days of one-to-one meetings with accredited professionals from the industry. Registrations are still open to access the event here.

SeriesLab 2019 projects 

CLOSED CITY by Morgan Bushe (Ireland)
GOTHENBURG KIDS by Emiliano Goessens, Morgan Jensen, Frida Hallberg (Sweden)
LOST LUGGAGE by Tiny Bertels, Nathalie Basteyns, Paul Piedfort (Belgium)
MOLLY'S BLUES by Lucie La Chimia (France)
OFFERLINGS by Esther Rots, Dan Geesin (Netherlands)
OTTO IS DEAD by Ljubica Luković, Harry Ayiotis, Vitus Reinbold (Serbia, Cyprus, Germany)
STATE OF EMERGENCY by Filip Kasperaszek, Paweł Kosuń (Poland)
THE CROSSING PLACE by Gary Duggan, Laura McNicholas (Ireland)
THE WILD FIELDS by Piotr Szymanek, Marta Szymanek (Poland)

More information in the SeriesLab Book of Projects and on Variety.

SeriesLab is a 4-month programme organized thanks to the support of the Creative Europe - MEDIA Sub-programme of the European Union; main partner: Series Mania Lille Hauts-de-France; with the support of: Screen Ireland and Manusfabriken; in partnership with VAF - Flanders Audiovisual Fund