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Coming-of-age and teenage stories: watch 3 TFL Films on Festival Scope!

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Coming-of-age and teenage stories: watch 3 TFL Films on Festival Scope!

June 12, 2019

From 13th to 30th June, we invite you to discover a new set of TFL Films available* for free on Festival Scope.

The third Special Focus by TorinoFilmLab and the online platform is dedicated to three melancholic films about teenage torments: HOME by Fien Troch, JESÚS by Fernando Guzzoni and KORSO by Akseli Tuomivaara.

HOME by Fien Troch (Belgium)
17-year-old Kevin, sentenced for violent behaviour, is just let out of prison. To start anew, he moves in with his aunt and her family and begins an apprenticeship at her store. Quickly he adapts to his new home and gets along well with his cousin Sammy, in his last year of high school. Through Sammy and his friends, Kevin meets John. Upon discovering John’s unbearable situation with his mother, Kevin feels the urge to help his new friend. One evening fate intervenes and questions of betrayal, trust and loyalty start to direct their daily lives more than ever.
World Premiere: Venice International Film Festival, Orizzonti 2016 / Best Director


JESÚS by Fernando Guzzoni (France/Chile/Germany/Colombia/Greece)
Santiago, Chile. Jesús, 18, lives alone with his father Héctor in a flat where the TV covers up their inability to communicate. The rest of the time, he dances in a K-pop band, hangs out with friends and does drugs, watches trashy clips and has sex in public places, looking for a thrill. One night, he finds it with his friends, being involved in an irreversible misadventure. If this event will make Jesús and Héctor closer than ever, it will also tear them apart forever.
World Premiere: Toronto International Film Festival, Discovery 2016


KORSO by Akseli Tuomivaara (Finland) – 1st feature
20-year-old Markus dreams about becoming a streetball star in New York, but in reality, he passes his time playing with his friends and hanging around the Korso suburb. His steady life takes a turn when his little sister Heta brings home her new boyfriend, Jojo, who is originally from Congo. Jojo is a self-assured sixth-former, who laughs at Markus' dream. Markus decides to somehow get the money to go to New York, and finally, he puts himself and his friends at stake in order to prove that his dream is everything but stupid.
World Premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival, Teen Spirit 2014


Tickets are limited: don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in these powerful lives for free! 

*Restriction of availability may apply in some countries