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PSYCHOSIA by Marie Grahtø will premiere at Venice Critics’ Week!

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PSYCHOSIA by Marie Grahtø will premiere at Venice Critics’ Week!

July 19, 2019

The 34th Venice International Film Critics' Week will welcome the world premiere of Marie Grahtø’s debut feature, PSYCHOSIA.

This “extremely erotic psychological thriller”, according to Venice Critics’ Week’s General Delegate Giona Nazzaro, is a production between Beo Starling (Denmark) and Bufo (Finland). PSYCHOSIA participated in ScriptLab 2016 (under the title TEENAGE JESUS) and was introduced in the Coming Soon section of the TFL Meeting Event 2018.

It is the 102nd completed film in TFL's history and the third to premiere this summer, after the recent announcement of A FEBRE and HOGAR's selections at the 72nd Locarno Film Festival. 

Viktoria, 38, is an odd and extremely self-disciplined researcher in the field of suicide. She is invited to a psychiatric ward to treat the suicidal 19-year-old patient Jenny. Through intimate nocturnal conversations they form a tight bond while reflecting on faith, death, violence, the past and thoughts of suicide. Viktoria slowly opens up to experience closeness with another person for the first time in her life, but the closer the two women get, the more it becomes clear that something is not at it seems.

PSYCHOSIA will compete for the Grand Prize Venice International Film Critics’ Week and the Audience Award alongside the other 6 feature films selected in the Venice sidebar. 

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