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Discover the three projects in the run for the TFL World Co-Production Fund Award 2019!

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Discover the three projects in the run for the TFL World Co-Production Fund Award 2019!

October 9, 2019

3 feature film projects have been pre-selected for the newly launched TFL World Co-Production Fund, aiming at supporting co-productions between European producers and international co-producers: these productions are helmed by filmmakers from South America (Argentina, Brazil) and Asia (Nepal), and involve a total of 9 countries.

Created thanks to the Creative Europe – MEDIA sub-programme support to International Co-production Funds, the TFL World Co-Production Fund Award consists of a € 50.000 production grant to finance projects of experienced talents, in an attempt to stand side by side with filmmakers on the long-run.

The producers of the shortlisted projects will receive an invitation to attend the TFL Meeting Event 2019, taking place from November 21st to November 23rd in Turin. They will get the chance to present them, through the TFL Catalogue and during one-to-one meetings, to the invited Decision Makers – producers, sales agents, distributors, etc., coming from all over the world. Each project will also benefit from a tailor-made consultancy with TFL experts.

The TFL World Co-Production Fund Jury, composed of 3 international film professionals, will gather at the TFL Meeting Event to select the project to receive the TFL World Co-Production Fund Award 2019. The names of the Jury members will be announced soon.

The three pre-selected projects are:

BROTHER DANGER by Pablo Fendrik
Produced by Rei Cine (Argentina), in co-production with Snowglobe (Denmark) and Fabula (Chile)
Working as a service aid during a high endurance running course in the mountains of Patagonia, Leandro recognizes among the runners a cop that tortured him years ago. He takes his chance and discretely poisons him at a checkpoint, but things go wrong and he is soon targeted as a suspect. Leandro is forced to escape through the mountains and finds refuge at his brother’s cabin, who does not want to get involved with his crime. But when the time comes, the blood bond prevails.

CIDADE; CAMPO by Juliana Rojas
Produced by Dezenove Som e Imagens (Brazil), in co-production with Good Fortune Films (France)
Two stories of migration between city and countryside. In the first part, the 45-year-old rural worker Joana decides to leave the fields and move to São Paulo to find her sister Tânia, who lives on the outskirts with her grandson Jaime. While developing an emotional bond with her great-nephew, Joana learns the codes of conduct required for one to thrive in the "working city". In the second part, the 30-year-old newlyweds Flávia and Mauro move to a small rural town searching for a fresh start. A surgeon, Mauro has been transferred to the local hospital after being sued by a malpractice case. Flávia faces a lonely life in a strange town and begins to question her marriage. A tragic event will make the couple reconnect.

THE SKY IS MINE by Deepak Rauniyar
Produced by Aadi Films (Nepal), in co-production with Tannhauser Gate (Norway), The Match Factory (Germany), The Film Kitchen (Netherlands), Potocol (Singapore), Aurora Media Holdings (Singapore) and Cinema Art (Nepal)
Pooja, a Nepali police officer, has broken centuries-old misogyny by becoming the first female Superintendent. She comes across her first case in a violent border town: whilst tens of thousands are in the streets protesting systemic discrimination against the dark-skinned Madhesi, two light-skinned boys have been kidnapped. Pooja has only 24 hours to save the boys. With dozens of civilians and police officers killed in the last days, failure to find the boys could spark a revolution.