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TFL Meeting Event 2019: highlights on the Keynote Opening Event “We Need to Talk About… US”

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TFL Meeting Event 2019: highlights on the Keynote Opening Event “We Need to Talk About… US”

November 4, 2019

We are glad to unveil the programme of the Opening Keynote Event that will inaugurate for the first time the TFL Meeting Event: a special panel entitled “We Need to Talk About…” that questions existing practices in the film industry.

This first edition, to be held on Thursday 21st November, will focus on our responsibility, as individuals, companies and organisations, to take concrete action through our working practices. Welcome, therefore, to We Need to Talk About… Us.

In recent years, media headlines, especially regarding the film industry, have been dominated by reports of the unequal representation of gender and diversity in audiovisual works. The majority of issues that were brought to the public attention, were instigated from across the Atlantic. Quite often, as specific cases put forward by brave individuals that, sometimes, caused true avalanches, and ultimately led to discussions on a broader scale and first steps in policy changes. How has this changed discourse affected the European film industry? What measures have been specifically taken to address the burning issues of diversification and inclusivity and what concrete effect does it have on today’s reality?

There is a collective responsibility, where every industry and each individual has to take ownership and responsibility to make a contribution for a more equal society. One has to question, whether we, as stakeholders within this industry, do enough, offer enough space to not only discuss improvements but also to develop and implement tools and strategies to actually achieve this. How can different stakeholders and territories come together to shape this discussion, actively have a voice and jointly take action? And especially, what can we, as a European industry, do to claim agency and be more engaged in the global conversation?

This keynote highlights the need for more awareness and broadening as well as deepening our knowledge of the various forms of addressing upheavals within today’s society through co-production, to understand the conditions for potentially transformative effects of collaboration on both the film industry itself as well as beyond.

The discussion will be moderated by Uzma Hasan, producer at Little House Production (United Kingdom) and will involve key players of the film industry: Memento Films International’s Head of Production and Finance Naima Abed (France); US-born, London-based Julia Oh, Senior Commissioning Executive at Film4 (United Kingdom); as well as the General Delegate of Venice International Film Critics’ WeekGiona Nazzaro (Italy).

The TFL Keynote Opening Event will be held on Thursday, 21st November at 6.30 pm. Entrance with the TFL Industry Pass only.