TorinoFilmLab - Training, development, Funding


Collateral prizes 2017

TorinoFilmLab’s partners award a variety of collateral prizes backing the further development, the production or post-production of projects coming from different TFL programmes.


ARTE International Prize

The ARTE International Prize is assigned to one of the FeatureLab projects presented at the TFL Meeting Event, and it consists of a cash award of 6.000 Euro.

CNC Award

CNC - National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image awards a grant of 8.000 Euro for the further development of one of the projects from the ScriptLab – original & adaptation programmes, supporting the respective scriptwriter / director in their work after participation in TorinoFilmLab. The decision will be taken by an international Jury and a representative of CNC.


EP2C Post Production Award

EP2C and Filmmore offer a Post Production Award to financially support the participation of a producer to the European Post Production Connection (EP2C) training programme, as well as a 5.000 Euro grant in post-production services in the Filmmore facilities either in Amsterdam or in Brussels and a 5.000 Euro grant to be spent in the Warnier-Posta sound studio in Amsterdam. The awarded project will be chosen by a Jury composed of the EP2C Training Programme Director and the TorinoFilmLab Executive Director.

The Digital Production Challenge II Award

Launched in 2014 and granted by Focal Resource, the DPC II Award will be assigned to a ScriptLab project. The award consists in the participation in the DPC II Workshop. The decision regarding the award will be taken between DPC II Head of Studies Xavier Grin, Project Manager Sophie Burdon and key post-production expert Tommaso Vergallo.