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Green Awards

In the past year, TorinoFilmLab has introduced two awards to support the reflection on the global changes affecting our society, and to encourage eco-sustainable actions on the production set.

They are assigned to the best ScriptLab and FeatureLab projects during the annual TFL Meeting Event in November.

TorinoFilmLab is actively promoting a more sustainable industry. More about TFL actions here.


TFL WHITE MIRROR - € 3.000 development award to a ScriptLab project 

Created in 2019 the award supports stories that tackle environmental issues, sustainability or any related changes happening in today’s world, through a personal and engaging tone – from new consumption habits to the different ways of life.

Winning project 2021: THE FUTURE IS AN ELDER COW by Janis Rafa

Winning project 2020BLUE STAR by Stella Kyriakopoulos, co-written by Margaret Shin

Winning project 2019WILD ENCOUNTERS by Sarah Arnold





Launched in 2020, thanks to the partnership with Trentino Film Commission, these awards support a sustainable approach of production and it is addressed to the FeatureLab projects winners of the Production Awards. 

The Green Filming Awards 2020 foresee the realisation of a sustainability plan, covering the agency certification costs if any, as well as a monetary contribution of € 2000 each to the four TFL Production Awards - winning projects, providing that they will put into practice the Green Film protocol: a tool designed to encourage film and TV producers to work in an environmentally-friendly way, already used by many European organizations. 


MICHELLE REMEMBERS by Pia Borg, produced by Helen Olive

THE MYSTERIOUS GAZE OF THE FLAMINGO by Diego Céspedes, produced by Giancarlo Nasi

THE CARAVAN by Zuzana Kirchnerová, produced by Jakob Viktorín & Pavla Janoušková Kubečková

DIAPHANOUS by Dornaz Hajiha, produced by Isabelle Glachant

In 2021, the grant comprises the creation of a sustainability plan during the production phase covering any extra costs up to a maximum of € 2,000, in addition to a further € 2,000 to invest in the collaboration of a green manager allocated by Trentino Film Commission; it is addressed to this year's TFL Production Awards - winning projects, that will be announced in on 1st December during the TFL Meeting Event.