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Production Awards

During TorinoFilmLab’s co-production forum Meeting Event, projects developed within ScriptLab and FeatureLab training programmes are presented to an audience of Decision Makers invited from all over the world.


On this occasion, an international Jury assigns the Production Awards to the best projects developed within FeatureLab – TFL’s programme dedicated to 1st and 2nd feature film projects at an advanced development stage. The awards are given to enable the making of the film, without any obligation to spend the money in Italy.


The selection of the awarded projects is based on the following materials: script, budget, financing plan, production schedule, as well as on the public pitching of the project, and the individual meeting of the writer/director and producer with the Jury. The Jury changes every year, and it is formed by 5 members of the film industry.


In order to be eligible for these awards, all projects need to participate in the programme first.

Every year, a number of the Production Awards are assigned to international co-productions (involving European and non-European partners), thanks to the Creative Europe – MEDIA sub-programme support to International Co-production Funds.


The Awarded projects of the TFL FeatureLab programme must indicate TorinoFilmLab support both in the opening and closing credits by displaying the TorinoFilmLab logo, together with the caption "Production Award".


Eligibility criteria for international co-productions

1. The applicant must be an audiovisual entity established in one of the countries participating to the MEDIA Sub-programme and owned directly or by majority participation, by nationals from such countries.

2. Projects must be co-produced with at least one producer from a country which is neither participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme (*) nor member of Eurimages (**).

3. The share of the co-producer(s) coming from countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme must amount to a minimum of 20% in the project. Under no circumstances the share of the co-producer(s) coming from countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme can exceed 70%.

4. The funding agreement offered by the fund can only be concluded with an entity from a country participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme. The funding does not need to be spent in Europe.

5. According to the year of selection, the awarded projects must be completed within a specific timeframe.


List of supported projects

Supported by the Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union