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Green Film Lab


Green Film Lab aims at training European film professionals on green practices in film production, on how to apply a green protocol and get a certification.

Along the year, Green Film Lab proposes a number of 3-day workshops held in different European regions, addressed to film industry professionals with or without a project, as well as to green managers.

Through a practical, project-based and hands-on approach, participants will learn how to apply the current best practices in terms of energy-saving, transport, accommodation, catering, set decoration, waste management, recycling and communication.

In 2022 Green Film Lab foresees 3 workshops with specific call for applications: the first workshop is held in Trento - Italy (29th April - 1st May, applications are now closed) in collaboration with Green Film, Trentino Film Commission, the second workshop will be held in Palma de Mallorca - Spain (28th-31st July: applications are now closed) thanks to the collaboration of Mallorca Film CommissionFundació Mallorca Turisme and Consell Insular de Mallorca; while the third one in Sitges - Spain (14th-16th October: applications open from 15th June until 1st September: applications are now open) collaboration with Government of CataloniaCatalan Institute for Cultural CompaniesCatalunya Film Commission and Servei de Desenvolupament Empresarial.


Film professionals who want to:

- gain skills on how to apply the current best practices in terms of environmental sustainability by working on concrete projects and sustainability plans.

- know how to apply a common protocol and certification system shared through European borders that will facilitate their co-productions, easy to use and already tested by various film and TV productions.

- boost their professional profiles, as sustainable productions will become more and more required by public institutions and funds in the coming years.

- deepen their knowledge on how to manage their sets to combine sustainability with financial and organizational efficiency.


Sustainability trainees willing to get an intensive training on the audiovisual industry mechanisms and will learn how to apply their skills on sustainability to film sets, working in close collaboration with film producers.


Each workshop is open to up to 24 participants selected to work in groups under the guidance of green manager tutors with wide experience in film industry, on feature film projects almost ready to begin filming.



Each 3-day workshop kicks off with a general introduction to sustainability in film industry, then participants are divided in two groups, each working on the sustainability plans for three projects. Every project’s team will be matched with a sustainability trainee and a producer without a project.
Throughout the workshop, the groups work on a sustainability plan, reaching its first version to be shared with fellow participants on the last day. The training course will be enriched by case studies and plenary sessions dedicated to different aspects of sustainability.

The residential workshop is followed by an online meeting that is scheduled when the teams are going into production, to discuss and check the final sustainability plan.


The contents are based on the Green Film Rating System and on its two main features: the sustainability plan and the certification process for audiovisual projects. A certification represents the possibility for producers to see their efforts recognized in a tangible way and Green Film allows the certification of sustainable audiovisual projects in all European countries, including co-productions involving filming in different countries.


Green Film Lab is a programme by TorinoFilmLab and Green Film, organised by Museo Nazionale del Cinema and Trentino Film Commission, in collaboration with EAVE. The programme is realised thanks to the support of Creative Europe - MEDIA Sub-programme of the European Union. 

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3rd workshop 2022 > CATALONIA: 14th October - 16th October, Sitges (Spain)

Open Call: 15th June. Deadline for applications: Friday, 1st September, 2:00 p.m. CET


3rd workshop 2022 – SITGES. Call for applications

Green Film Lab
How to produce in a sustainable way


Third workshop: Sitges (Spain)

Apply here!


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