December 20, 2011

Berlinale unveiled the first titles of its 2012 main Competition.
TorinoFilmLab is thrilled to announce the presence among the confirmed films in competition at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival of POSTCARDS FROM THE ZOO by Edwin (Indonesia), the first Indonesian film ever selected in competition of any of the 3 main festivals in Europe (Berlin, Cannes, Venice).
This will also be the world premiere of the project, which was developed within FrameWork 2009 and received further support by TorinoFilmLab in the form of a Production Award of 180.000 Euro, assigned by the Jury at the TFL Meeting Event in November 2009.
POSTCARDS FROM THE ZOO (KEBUN BINATANG), produced by Indonesian company Babibuta Film, is Edwin’s second feature film after BLIND PIG WHO WANTS TO FLY (2008).

December 19, 2011

CineMart, the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s co-production market has selected 36 film projects (from 465 entries), which will be presented to approximately 850 potential co-financiers. The selection includes reputed filmmakers who will launch their new projects as well as feature length debuts. The 29th CineMart will take place from 29 January – February 1, 2012 in Rotterdam.
TorinoFilmLab proudly announces the presence of some of its participants in the selection.
Among the 36 of CineMart 2012 there will be HISTORY OF FEAR, Benjamin Naishtat’s feature film debut produced by Rei Cine (Argentina), which participated in Script&Pitch 2010 and, after winning a Development Award, in FrameWork 2011.
French artist and filmmaker Christelle Lheureux will present her first feature film project LE VENT DES OMBRES, produced by Independencia Productions (France) and Kick the Machine (Thailand), which, after participating in Script&Pitch 2011 and winning a Development Award, will be further developed in FrameWork 2012. Lheureux’s medium-length film LA MALADIE BLANCHE, which premiered at FID Marseille, has been selected in the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films 2012.
Thai filmmaker Aditya Assarat, winner of a Production Award (80.000 Euro) for his second feature film HI-SO, developed within FrameWork 2008, will be at CineMart too, presenting his next project THE WHITE BUFFALO, produced by Pop Pictures (Thailand).
Also, Script&Pitch 2007 Alumnus David Dusa (Sweden) will present his new project, THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TWEETED, produced by SCIAPODE (France) and Kamoli Films (Denmark).

December 16, 2011

The project BACK TO THE JUNGLE (formerly HEAVEN SENT) by Lebanese director Wissam Charaf, which participated in the first edition of the Interchange programme in 2010, won the Film Clinic Debut Feature Award at Dubai Film Connection, the co-production market of the 8th Dubai International Film Festival.
This annual development prize of the value of $10.000 was presented by Mohamed Hefzy of the Egypt-based company Film Clinic. BACK TO THE JUNGLE competed with a number of projects from various Arab countries: Film Clinic's award is presented to the first feature film project of a director. The project was chosen by three international filmmakers who met all of the projects' directors that were nominated for the award. Film Clinic's vision is to support new ideas by the young generation of filmmakers and Arab talents, presenting strong films to the audiences that are keen on having a new and entertaining cinematic experience. 
Only a few weeks ago we announced excellent news for another Interchange 2010 project as well: BEIRUT, I LOVE YOU by Zena El Khalil (Lebanon) and Gigi Roccati (Italy), which was selected to participate in the FrameWork programme in 2011, was awarded a Production Award of 80.000 Euro at the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event. Besides, the project was also voted as their favorite by the invited Decision Makers, therefore winning also an Audience Award of the amount of 30.000 Euro.
The second workshop of Interchange 2011, which was the last of this second edition of the programme, reached its conclusion in Dubai on last December 10th. We wish all the past and future Interchange projects to continue this series of successes.

November 29, 2011

The 4th TorinoFilmLab Final Meeting Event, which took place on November 27-28, hosted 120 professionals including producers and sales agents from all over the world, interested in the projects being developed.



Within the FrameWork Programme, 11 projects seeking co-production agreements were presented. The International Jury chaired by Alberto Barbera and comprised of producer Jani Thilges (Luxembourg), director of Wroclaw Film Festival Joanna Lapinska (Poland), director Christian Volckman (France) and Sophie Bourdon (France) has decided to award five Production Awards (amounting to a total of € 520,000):

TOUCH ME NOT by Adina Pintilie  (Romania) - € 150,000
UNDERGROUND FRAGRANCE by Pengfei Song (France/Taiwan/China) - € 140,000
MR. KAPLAN by Alvaro Brechner  (Uruguay) - € 100,000
BEIRUT, I LOVE YOU by Zena el Khalil & Gigi Roccati (Italy/Lebanon) - € 80,000
LOS HONGOS by Oscar Ruiz Navia  (Colombia/France/Mexico) - € 50,000
The Audience Award of € 30,000, voted, among the 11 FrameWork projects, by all the professionals attending the Meeting Event went to two projects:
BEIRUT, I LOVE YOU by Zena el Khalil & Gigi Roccati(Italy/Lebanon) - € 30,000
MR. KAPLAN by Alvaro Brechner (Uruguay) - € 30,000
At the end of the Meeting Event, Development Awards were also assigned to 6 of the 16 projects that participated in the Script&Pitch programme. The six winners, which will be given an automatic access to FrameWork 2012 in order to keep on working on their projects, are:  
REY by Niles Atallah (Chile/USA) 
WAR by Simon Jaquemet (Switzerland) 
LE VENT DES OMBRES by Christelle Lheureux (France) 
BEAST by Michael  Pearce (United Kingdom) 
TIKKUN by Avishai Sivan (Israel) 
EVERYTHING WE ALWAYS HAD WAS NOW by Martijn Maria Smits (Netherlands/Belgium)
The following prizes were also awarded:
In addition, a Jury comprised of Michel Reilhac and Annamaria Lodato from ARTE France Cinema has decided to assign the International Relations ARTE Prize of € 6,000 to the Script&Pitch project:
EVERYTHING WE ALWAYS HAD WAS NOW by Martijn Maria Smits (Netherlands/Belgium)
The Post-Production Award EP2C, a prize of € 1,000 assigned to a FrameWork project, which allows the producer to participate in a workshop on post-production, went to:
Marta Donzelli from Vivo Film (Italy), producer of BEIRUT, I LOVE YOU.

November 22, 2011

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Festival Scope, the B2B online platform for film professionals.
Festival Scope is a great tool created to allow industry professionals to view festival programming online. This partnership enriches the offer of the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event, giving our Decision Makers a chance to view the previous works of our Script&Pitch and FrameWork participants and yet another opportunity to access information about the projects they are currently developing. Online. Anytime, anywhere.
We are pleased to inform you that professionals registered with the TorinoFilmLab are now able to screen the previous films of the directors who have a project at the TorinoFilmLab, as well as to read their Book of Projects materials on Festival Scope. All our industry guests were provided with a free and speedy registration.
Enjoy TorinoFilmLab on Festival Scope!

November 21, 2011

2011 marks the 4th edition of the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event, rounding off the Script&Pitch and FrameWork programmes for this year: a two-day event which is a public presentation of the organisation’s projects, a market for international co-productions and a chance to reward the best projects with production grants.

The 4th TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event will take place on 27-28 November 2011. This year’s Meeting Event programme will be richer than ever. 16 Script&Pitch and 11 FrameWork projects seeking co-production agreements will be presented in front of 120 producers, sales agents and industry professionals from all over the world: get to know the participants and explore the projects! You can also download the full Book of Projects 2011 here, and find a list of the 2011 Meeting Event industry attendants, our Decision Makers, here
As usual, the Meeting Event will be an opportunity for TorinoFilmLab participants not only to pitch their projects in front of an international professional audience and look for producers, co-producers and sales agents, but also to receive prizes aimed at supporting the further development and the production of the films. From the International Relations ARTE Prize to the Development Awards, from the Post-Production Award to the Audience Award and the Production Awards: discover everything about our prizes here.
This year TorinoFilmLab has a new Jury, assessing the FrameWork projects and assigning Production Awards. Interested in knowing more? Just click here to find out who the members of the Jury are.
Beside the public pitches of the 27 international feature film projects and the individual meetings with their writers, directors and producers, the Meeting Event will be an occasion to get to know the two brand new additions of 2011: TorinoFilmLab will be introducing the Audience Designers programme and the transmedia development course, Writer’s Room. Moreover, 3 Pixel Lab and 1 Special Guest transmedia projects will be pitched and their authors and producers will be available for meetings with attending professionals.

November 14, 2011

So far, in its first 3 years of activities TorinoFilmLab assigned 15 Production Awards, 1 Audience Award and supported the development of a number of 1st and 2nd feature films, 10 of which already entered into production. We proudly announce the screening of 4 projects that were supported by our programme in the dedicated “TorinoFilmLab” section of the 29th Torino Film Festival.
The Thai film HI-SO by Aditya Assarat (Production Award 2008), the Portuguese-German co-production SWANS by Hugo Vieira da Silva (Production Award 2008), and THE SLUT by Israeli director Hagar Ben Asher (Production Award 2009) were all completed between 2010 and 2011 and selected at numerous festivals all over the world. This special section is also going to include a work in progress of Armenian director Maria Saakyan's project I’M GOING TO CHANGE MY NAME A.K.A. ALAVERDY, which participated in FrameWork 2009.
Besides the "TorinoFilmLab" section, the festival will screen SETTE OPERE DI MISERICORDIA by the Turin-born twins Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio: the project, which was developed in the very first edition of FrameWork in 2008, will be shown in the Festa Mobile section, a voyage through the best films of the year, emerging trends and unusual premiere viewings.

November 10, 2011

FrameWork 2010 project IN WHAT CITY DOES IT LIVE? by Liew Seng-Tat (Malaysia) - which won a Production Award (100.000 Euro) at last year’s Meeting Event - received Hubert Bals Plus funding (50.000 Euro) in the Fall 2011 session.
The project, produced by Sharon Gan and Liew Seng Tat for Everything Films (Malaysia) was one of the only two films that received support from Hubert Bals Plus in the current round of funding, with Volya Films attached as its Dutch co-producer.
The Hubert Bals Fund Plus has been set up by the Netherlands Film Fund and the Hubert Bals Fund of the Film Festival Rotterdam in order to offer Dutch producers the possibility to get involved more often in international co-productions and to support the Hubert Bals Fund projects in the stage of actual production.

November 9, 2011

The Interchange 2010 project KHSARA by Suha Araj (Palestine), produced by Monique Peterson (USA) and Rumzi Araj (Palestine), was selected to participate in the IFP Independent Film Week No Borders co-production market, September 18-22 in New York. 
Additionally, Suha Araj was selected as one of 25 directors to participate in the inaugural creative symposium, Emerging Visions, jointly curated by IFP and the Film Society of Lincoln Center. From that event, Suha has been paired with two mentors who will continue to work with her during the course of this process: the producers Anne Carey and Alex Orlovsky.
We are pleased to announce that the project also has a new dedicated website:

November 7, 2011

MR. KAPLAN by Alvaro Brechner (Uruguay/Spain) won the Uruguayan production award FONA 2011. The film will receive $ 100.000 for its production. The jury was composed by filmmakers Pablo Stoll (Whisky), Lucrecia Martel (La Ciénaga) and Laura Santullo (La Zona). Previously, the project had received the support from ICAA (Spanish Film Institute), winning a production grant of € 222.000.
MR. KAPLAN will be presented at TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event as one of the projects selected for FrameWork 2011. It was developed in Script&Pitch 2010, and was later selected by the Cinefondation Atelier last May.

November 7, 2011

At its third edition in 2012, Interchange is a programme for teams of writer/director and producer from Europe or the Arab world working at a fiction feature film and film professionals interested in script editing training. Starting from 2011 the programme is also open to 3 trainee script consultants from the Arab world.
The training, which consists of 2 residential 5-day workshops (one in Torino at the end of May/beginning of June and one in Dubai in December) is designed to match the needs of experienced professionals who want to develop their skills through concrete work on their projects - under the expert guidance of international tutors - and who are ready to share their ideas with colleagues and engage themselves in discussions in order to improve and increase their knowledge. The trainee script consultants will be trained as story editors working each on 4 of the 12 selected projects.
Interchange is run by TorinoFilmLab, the Dubai International Film Festival and EAVE and it is supported by MEDIA Mundus.
Deadline for applications: March 4th, 2012.
For more information on who the course is aimed at, how to apply and participation costs, please visit the dedicated page of our website.

October 19, 2011

Two projects developed at Script&Pitch participated in the Netherlands Production Platform at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht: ALL CATS ARE GREY by Savina Dellicour (Belgium, S&P 2005) and KORSO, written by Jenni Toivoniemi and Kirsikka Saari (Finland, S&P 2007).
Savina Dellicour’s debut feature film ALL CATS ARE GREY (TOUS LES CHATS SONT GRIS) is produced by Joseph Rouschop and Valérie Bournonville for Tarantula (Belgium) and has Olivier Gourmet attached to star.
Toivoniemi and Saari’s project KORSO, produced by Bufo and Tuffi Films (Finland), won a new development prize, awarded for the first time to an international Netherlands Production Platform project: the Filmmore Innovation Cinema Prize, of the value of 5.000 Euro for post-production facilities, is intended to encourage European filmmakers to explore new and innovative ways of filmmaking and financing their stories.
The Jury formed by Wim van Slooten (Filmmore), Sander Verdonk (Lev Pictures) and Alan Fountain (EAVE) stated that: “Korso stood out in its portrayal of young people and its unusually extensive research and we believe it has the potential to make a contribution to a refreshing story of a new generation of young European people. It is an engaging and relevant story about growing up that doesn't use the Hollywood format about 'following your dreams'.” The project will be the first feature film for Finnish director Akseli Tuomivaara.

October 18, 2011

After winning the ARTE France Cinema Award for the most promising project in Cinemart Rotterdam 2011 and the Special Mention of Cinelink Coproduction Market of Sarajevo International Film Festival 2011, TOUCH ME NOT (NU MA ATINGE-MA), the first feature-length project by Romanian filmmaker Adina Pintilie, received MEDIA Development support in the Single Project - Fiction category.
Previously developed in Script&Pitch and Binger Filmlab, TOUCH ME NOT, produced by Manekino Film (Romania) and co-produced by 4 Proof Film (Romania), is one of the 11 international projects selected in FrameWork 2011. On the border between fiction, documentary and visual art, daringly experimenting both in content and cinematic language, the project is an investigation on the human chronic longing for touch, for contact, on its multiple levels.
The project also received development support (2.500 Euro) from Romanian Cinema Center.

October 18, 2011

FrameWork 2009 project MUSICAL CHAIRS by Azza El Hassan (Jordan) received MEDIA Development support - in the amount of 25.000 Euro - in the September 2011 funding round for the Single Project - Fiction category.
MUSICAL CHAIRS, produced by Blinker Filmproduktion (Germany), won a Production Award (50.000 Euro) at the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event in November 2009.

October 17, 2011

TorinoFilmLab continues to harvest concrete results for the projects it passionately supports and helps developing. It is in fact shooting time for 4 FrameWork projects, 2 of which (WOLF and KHORRAMSHAHR) previously participated in the Script&Pitch programme too.
WOLF by Romanian director Bogdan Mustata, LEONES by Jazmín Lopez (Argentina), and BAIT by Aida Begic, received TorinoFilmLab Production Awards in 2010, respectively of 140.000, 110.000 and 100.000 Euro. KHORRAMSHAHR by Iranian director Massoud Bakhshi won the TorinoFilmLab Audience Award of 30.000 Euro in the same year.
WOLF, Bogdan Mustata’s first feature film produced by Marcian Lazar of Strada Film (Romania) and by Neue Road Movies (Germany), is currently being shot in Romania for a total of 36 days, from September 26 through November 12.
On October 2 Massoud Bakhshi started filming KHORRAMSHAHR, produced by JBA Production (France) & Firoozei Films (Iran) - with the support of, among others, Fondation Groupama Gan (France), Fonds Sud du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères - CNC, Visions Sud-est  (Switzerland), EED Ezef (Germany), MEDIA Slate funding and IDTV Films (Netherlands) - in Iran. The shooting is scheduled to end on November 13.
On October 31 Argentinian director Jazmín Lopez will begin filming her first feature film LEONES, produced by Benjamin Domenech of REI CINE S.R.L. (Argentina), co-produced with Petit Film (France) and Lemming Film (Netherlands). The shooting will last until November 25 and will take place in the director’s home country.
Bosnian director Aida Begic will also start shooting her TorinoFilmLab project soon: on November 24 she will kick off the filming of her second feature film BAIT, which won a Production Award (100.000 Euro) after participating in FrameWork in 2010. The film will be shot in six weeks in Sarajevo and surroundings. It is produced by Film House Sarajevo, co-produced by RohFilnm (Germany), Les films de l'après midi (France) and Kaplan Film (Turkey), and supported by Eurimages and MEDIA Development.

October 16, 2011

After winning the second prize awarded by the Junior jury - part of the “Cinema e Gioventù” initiative – as well as the Don Quixote Prize at the 64th Locarno International Film Festival, SEVEN ACTS OF MERCY, directed by twin brothers Massimiliano and Gianluca De Serio, was awarded the Grand Prix Annecy Cinéma Italien at the 29th edition of the Annecy Cinéma Italien festival.
The official Jury, formed by president Marco Risi, Françoise Etchegaray, Simonetta Greggio, Noël Herpe, Maurizio Zaccaro, assigned the top prize to the film produced by Alessandro Borrelli for La Sarraz Pictures in association with FIP - Film Investimenti Piemonte, and realized with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte, which participated in the TorinoFilmLab FrameWork programme in 2008.

October 15, 2011

IN WHAT CITY DOES IT LIVE? by director Liew Seng Tat (Malaysia) was awarded a 50.000 Euro production grant from the Berlinale World Cinema Fund (Germany) in July 2011, and 50.000 Swiss Francs from Visions Sud Est (Switzerland). The project, which will be Liew Seng Tat’s second feature film, was also selected to be featured in the Norwegian South Film Fund forum catalogue.
IN WHAT CITY DOES IT LIVE? participated in FrameWork in 2010, receiving a Production Award of 100.000 Euro at the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event.

12/13 October, 2011

Sergio Basso, one of the participants of this year's Script&Pitch edition has been selected for the The Pixel Market with the project "Facelessbook", produced by Alessandro Borrelli from La Sarraz Pictures.
The Pixel market, also sponsored by TorinoFilmLab, is a co-production market dedicated to financing cross-media projects from around the world which takes place during the Cross-Media Forum 11-14 October 2011. This year, 25 cross-media projects will be presented to the international marketplace.

Deadline for applications: December 10th, 2011

Now in its 7th year, Script&Pitch is an advanced script development course for scriptwriters and directors of first and second features from all over the world, open also to story editors, creative producers and audience designers that wish to develop their skills while working with projects that are at early development stage.

The course lasts 11 months (from March to January) and we select 20 participants who will follow the entire development process, from the generating of ideas and structuring of the material through a first and second draft up to a final pitch in front of a group of international producers and sales agents.


For full information on the programme and instructions on how to apply please visit TFL website: www.torinofilmlab.it/training.php

11-14 October 2011

Our partner Power to the Pixel brings its Cross-Media Forum to the BFI London Film Festival for another year. Showcasing some of the hottest talent working in cross-media, the forum will be hosting the following public events:

11 October, Conference Summit
An incredibly exciting line-up of speakers for this consistently thought-provoking first day, Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner and transmedia producer extraordinaire, will be presenting an opening keynote and speaking in the UK for the very first time.

Renowned for transforming IP into highly successful transmedia franchises, Jeff's worked on blockbuster universes such as Pirates of the Caribbean; Halo and Avatar.

Power to the Pixel is also delighted to welcome back Michel Reilhac, Executive Director of ARTE France Cinéma as a keynote speaker, and one of the most respected advocates of cross-media storytelling in Europe.

The Conference covers the latest trends in audience behaviour, business models and case studies of successful cross-media projects and is followed by the opening night networking party.

12 October, The Pixel Pitch Competition

A showcase of eight of the best international cross-media projects - fiction and non-fiction - with teams pitching to a jury made up of leading financiers, commissioners and decision-makers from the film, broadcast, advertising, tech, online, publishing and mobile industries.

With jurors giving direct feedback to contestants, this finance forum is an ideal opportunity to find out who is funding cross-media properties and how best to approach them.  Participating companies last year included Artangel; ARTE; Arts Alliance; BBC; BBH; BFI; CNC; Content Film; Disney; EON; MSN; NFB; Nordisk Film & TV Fond; Orange; Sony; UTA; Warp Films.

PLEASE NOTE: The Forum will not be webcasted this year, so to experience this amazing event live you will need to buy a ticket, a bargain starting at only £40!!

For more info email: info@powertothepixel.com

The Cross-Media Forum 2011 is supported by: The MEDIA Programme of the European Union, BFI, ARTE, TorinoFilmLab

12-13 October 2011

At the same time as our partner, Power to the Pixel, host their 5th Cross-Media Forum event in London, the Frankfurt Book Fair/SPARKS hosts their 2-day cross-/transmedia-event, which TorinoFilmLab representatives will also attend this year.

Frankfurt StoryDrive presents visionary keynote speakers, intensive training for successful crossmedia/transmedia business, a marketplace for media rights and multi-sector co-productions, and targeted matching services.
Under the motto “Storytelling & Storyselling“ the All-Media platform brings together the world of media and entertainment.
In around 30 events, including exclusive Master Classes, key players from the international film, games and publishing industries will offer instructions for conducting successful crossmedia and transmedia business.

In conjunction with the two-day conference, StoryDrive provides a Business Centre dedicated to cross- and transmedia rights and collaboration.
Organised Match & Pitch events at the StoryDrive Business Centre offer an ideal platform to present your titles, scripts, projects and ideas to potential business partners in the publishing, film or games industries.

Further information and tickets at:
StoryDrive Conference:
StoryDrive Business Centre:

Deadline for submissions: September 20, 2011


The 4th international educational program «Generation Campus» will take place in October 2011 from 16th to 25th in Russia. Continuing the tradition of the last year the studies of participants and shooting of short films will take place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. A strategic partner of the festival «Generation Campus» 2011 has remained the «2in1» Festival - a “New Wave” Film Festival, which shows the progressive pattern, characterized by the copyright originality and at the same time claiming success with the public.


Generation Campus 2011 is:

  • 2 capitals of Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) as the creative field;
  • 8 days in an international team of like-minded (100 young talented filmmakers (producers, directors, scriptwriters & cameramen) from all over the world working together;);
  • 5 educational programs for participants (lectures, seminars, round tables, workshops, master classes);
  • Leaders of world cinema willing to share their knowledge and experience with the participants;
  • best genre movies and radical experiments in the program of the international «2in1» festival.

Generation Campus 2011 goals are:

  • to create a comfortable professional and personal social environment for young filmmakers;
  • to create conditions for young filmmakers to acquire new skills, relevant information, connections and opportunities;
  • to create conditions for creative and professional development of young filmmakers’ own projects;
  • to identify and support the most brilliant, talented young filmmakers worthy of attention.


The Organizers of the Generation Campus invite young and talented directors, screenwriters, producers and DoPs to participate in the educational program in 2011.
More information about the program, terms & conditions of participation & competition criteria are available at www.generationcampus.ru.  

NOTE! Applications are accepted until September 20, 2011, 12:00 Moscow time.

August 25, 2011

SEVEN ACTS OF MERCY (SETTE OPERE DI MISERICORDIA), directed by brothers Massimiliano and Gianluca De Serio, received the second prize, worth 4.000 Swiss Francs, awarded by the Junior jury, part of the “Cinema e Gioventù” initiative - which offers awards to the best directors in the official competition of the 64th Locarno International Film Festival. Moreover, the film was awarded the Don Quixote Prize, offered by the International Federation of Film Societies. SEVEN ACTS OF MERCY participated in the TorinoFilmLab FrameWork programme in 2008. The film, produced by Alessandro Borrelli for La Sarraz Pictures in association with FIP - Film Investimenti Piemonte, was realized with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte.
Congratulations to Violeta Bava and Marco Van Geffen
Argentine-Swiss drama BACK TO STAY (ABRIR PUERTAS Y VENTANAS) by Milagros Mumenthaler won the Golden Leopard Award at the Locarno Film Festival. One of the film producers, sharing the prize with Mumenthaler, is Violeta Bava, a member of the TorinoFilmLab Advisory Board.
Among the other Locarno award winners, the directorial debut of Dutch screenwriter Marco Van Geffen, whose film AMONG US (ONDER ONS) won two prizes - the CICAE Prix Art & Essai and the Ecumenical Jury Special Mention award. The film is the first part of a trilogy by Van Geffen on “the drama of the happy family” entitled “Vinex”. Marco developed the second part of the trilogy, entitled NO NAME, within Script&Pitch in 2009.

August 23, 2011

TorinoFilmLab is proud to announce the creation of the new International Relations ARTE Prize, to be assigned to one of the Script&Pitch projects during the Meeting Event in November. The prize (6.000 Euro) will be awarded to a project among the ones participating in the programme, based on the decision of ARTE representatives attending the pitches and having one-to-one meetings with the scriptwriters.

We would like to thank the ARTE International Relations Department for making this new award possible thanks to their support.

deadline for submissions: 29 July

Our partner Power to the Pixel is accepting entries for The Pixel Market, a unique marketplace dedicated to showcasing and financing cross-media projects from around the world.
It takes place on 12 & 13 October 2011 as part of Power to the Pixel's annual Cross-Media Forum, held 11 - 14 October in association with the BFI London Film Festival.
The Pixel Market will introduce 25 cross-media project producers to top international financiers, commissioners, tech companies, online portals and media companies during the two-day event.
Up to 8 of the 25 selected teams will compete for the £6,000 ARTE Pixel Pitch Prize at the Market's public event, The Pixel Pitch on 12 October at NFT1, BFI Southbank.
Up to 8 of the 25 selected teams will compete for the £6,000 ARTE PIXEL PITCH PRIZE at the Market's public event, The Pixel Pitch on 12 October at NFT1, BFI Southbank. Teams in competition will present their cross-media project to a selected roundtable of international jurors made up of international decision-makers, commissioning executives and financiers working in film, broadcast, publishing, online, advertising, gaming, the arts and interactive media.

The second day of the market on 13 October will offer one-to-one business meetings to the 25 project teams with potential investors and partners from across the media industries, technology and finance companies.

Entries are invited from producer-led teams from around the world with a strong track record in film, broadcast, interactive media or other relevant creative industries. Each project's story must span a combination of film, TV, online, mobile, interactive, publishing, live events and gaming.  Projects must also include the use of new tools, platforms, services and devices and be at an advanced stage of development.

Teams selected for The Pixel Market will benefit from significant international publicity and can expect to be introduced to new international business and partnership opportunities.

Companies in attendance at last year's Pixel Market include
Artangel | ARTE | Arts Alliance | BBC | | BBH | BFI | Campfire | Channel 4 | CNC  | ContentFilm | Creative Scotland | DFI | Disney | Endemol | Faber Novel | Macmillan | MSN | NFB Canada | Nordisk Film & TV Fond |Ogilvy Group | Orange| Ridley Scott Associates | Salt | Shine | Sony Computer Entertainment | Submarine | Telefilm Canada | TF1 | United Talent Agency | YouTube

The Pixel Market is supported by the Media Programme of the European Union, ARTE and the TorinoFilmLab.

Deadline for Submissions: 29 July 18.00 BST

Further information can be found at Power to the Pixel’s website www.powertothepixel.com

June 14, 2011

SALVO by Antonio Piazza (Italy) and Fabio Grassadonia (Italy) is one of the winning projects in the June 2011 round of selection for Eurimages co-production support. SALVO was awarded 230.000 Euro by Eurimages.


The project, which participated in Script&Pitch 2007 and FrameWork 2009, winning a TFL Production Award (140.000 Euro) at the 2009 Meeting Event, is co-produced by Cristaldi Pictures (Italy), Acaba Produzioni (Italy), 58 Filme (Germany) and Cité Films (France).


Eurimages, the Council of Europe fund for the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works, aims at promoting the European film industry by encouraging the production and distribution of films and fostering co-operation between professionals. 

June 13, 2011

Italian directors Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio will present their first fiction feature film SETTE OPERE DI MISERICORDIA (SEVEN ACTS OF MERCY) as a world preview within the Concorso Internazionale (International Competition) at the 64th edition of the Festival del Film Locarno.


The twin brothers have distinguished themselves with short films, documentaries and video installations that have been selected at numerous international film festivals and received a number of awards.


SEVEN ACTS OF MERCY participated in the TorinoFilmLab FrameWork programme in 2008. The film, produced by Alessandro Borrelli for La Sarraz Pictures in association with FIP - Film Investimenti Piemonte, was realized with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte.

May 30, 2011

TorinoFilmLab proudly announces the selection for the first edition of the Script&Pitch Audience Designers programme, which aims at providing hands-on experience in the creation of an audience & promotion strategy for independent and art-house film projects at an early development stage.

The four selected Audience Designers are:
- Herwig Kopp (Austria)
- Mathias Noschis (Finland / Switzerland)
- Josephine Rydberg Lidén (Sweden)
- Adipat Virdi (UK)
Participants will join the Script&Pitch 2011 programme during its second residential workshop held in Brignogan (France) in June: they will work on the projects that are currently being developed in the 2011 edition of the programme until the final Meeting Event in Turin (Italy) in November.
Participants will collaborate with the authors through 6 months of development, thereby experimenting the team process, finding ways to work together and exploring how to best draw attention and create audience pre-awareness about an independent film project.

May 20, 2011

The Match Factory sealed an international rights deal with Third Films for Duane Hopkins’ upcoming feature BYPASS.

BYPASS, the English director’s second feature film project participated in FrameWork 2009 and received a TFL Production Award of 130.000 Euro in the same year.
Samm Haillay, co-founder and producer with Third Films, is currently financing BYPASS, and the international rights deal with The Match Factory is an integral part to the project financing.

May 19, 2011


Two TorinoFilmLab projects were picked for support in the Hubert Bals Fund Spring 2011 selection round. The Hubert Bals Fund of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) is designed to bring remarkable feature films by innovative and talented filmmakers from developing countries closer to completion.


Indonesian film POSTCARDS FROM THE ZOO by Edwin (FrameWork 2009, TFL Production Award 2009 – 180.000 Euro) has had a long connection with the IFFR, as the festival supported the project's entire artistic and financial development cycle: it received a script development grant, then was launched internationally at CineMart and finally received a postproduction grant from the Hubert Bals Fund. It is expected to see its premiere in IFFR 2012.


Moreover, Argentinian director Jazmín López's project LEONES (FrameWork 2010, TFL Production Award 2010 – 110.000 Euro) was one of the only two films that received support from Hubert Bals Plus in the Spring 2011 round of funding, with Lemming Film attached as its Dutch co-producer; the project, produced by Argentinian company Rei Cine and co-producer by Petit Film (France), already received Script Development support from HBF in 2009.


The Hubert Bals Fund Plus has been set up by the Netherlands Film Fund and the Hubert Bals Fund of the Film Festival Rotterdam in order to offer Dutch producers the possibility to get involved more often in international co-productions and to support the Hubert Bals Fund projects in the stage of actual production.

May 14, 2011

Sarajevo’s CineLink announced the selection for its 2011 co-production market (July 27-30) held within the Sarajevo Film Festival, including a total of 14 projects divided between CineLink and CineLink Plus. 


Two TorinoFilmLab participants will present their works in Sarajevo: Hugo Vieira da Silva’s new project TIDEAWAY was selected for CineLink, while Adina Pintilie’s TOUCH ME NOT will participate in CineLink Plus. After developing his second feature film SWANS (formerly known as RED CROSS) at Script&Pitch in 2007 and at FrameWork in 2008, Hugo Vieira da Silva won a TFL Production Award (200.000 Euro) for it at the 2008 TFL Meeting Event: the film was produced and screened at several international film festivals. TOUCH ME NOT by Adina Pintilie was initially developed within Script&Pitch 2007 - with the title MISS JACOB'S LONG SUNDAY - and is currently part of the FrameWork programme 2011. 


CineLink projects will participate in the Project Development Workshop organized in collaboration with the Binger Filmlab, while the CineLink Plus line-up will be presented directly at the market. Projects presented in both line-ups are eligible for CineLink Development Awards totalling €50.000 in cash and services. 

May 12, 2011

After awarding development support to I’M GOING TO CHANGE MY NAME by Maria Saakyan (Armenia) - produced by Anniko Films - and POSTCARDS FROM THE ZOO by Edwin (Indonesia) - produced by Babibuta Film - in 2009, the Göteborg International Film Festival Fund announced the two projects are among the selected ones to receive post-production support in 2011. Both projects were developed within the TorinoFilmLab FrameWork programme in 2009, and POSTCARDS FROM THE ZOO won a TFL Production Award (180.000 Euro) at the Meeting Event in the same year.

Since 1998 Göteborg International Film Festival, in cooperation with SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), supports filmmakers in development countries. Up to now the fund has supported nearly 150 film projects, as well as workshops and training initiatives. The 2011 awarded projects cover a wide range of countries, topics and genres: from documentaries and features from Togo, Senegal and Zimbabwe to a new feature by Filipino director Brillante Mendoza.

May 3, 2011

TorinoFilmLab, Dubai International Film Festival and EAVE proudly announce the selection for the second edition of the Interchange programme, realized with the aim of building cooperation between film professionals from Europe and the Arab world.

The following 12 teams of directors and producers will participate in the programme, developing fiction feature films:

- BELL by writer William MacKinnon (UK), producer Samir (Switzerland/Iraq) for Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion
- ASIA, DAWOULD & THE GHOUL by writer/director Furat al Jamil (Iraq), producer Abdullah Boushahri (Kuwait) for Beyond Dreams Productions
- THE WORLD IS PINK by writer/director Myrna Makkaron (Lebanon/Germany), producer Nicole Gerhards (Germany) for NikoFilm
- ALI, THE GOAT AND IBRAHIM by writer/director Ahmed Amer (Egypt/USA), producer Hossam Elouan (Egypt) for Ein Shams Films
- NO RETURN by writer Ahmed Salah (Egypt), producer/director Hesham Issawi (Egypt) for Issawi Production
- 3000 NIGHTS by writer/director Mai Masri (Palestine), producer Charlotte Uzu (France) for Les Films d'Ici
- 1 DAY AND 124 NIGHTS by writer/director Sabine El Chamaa (Lebnon), producer Andreas Atzwanger (Austria) for NEOS Film
- HEAT WAVE by writer Fareed Ramadan (Palestine), producer/director Riyad Deis (Palestine) for Janan Films
- ABOVE THE WORLD by writer/director Oliver Laxe (Spain), producer Felipe Lage Coro (Spain) for Zeitun Films
- BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT by writer/director Ahmed Abouzeid (Egypt), producer Ihab Ayoub (Egypt) for Collage Productions
- BEIRUT SOLO by writer/director Sabah Fatima Haider (Canada), producer Pierre Sarraf (Lebanon)
- MY LOVE, MY BLOOD, MY BREATH by writer/director Jihane Chouaib (Lebanon/France), producer Nathalie Trafford (UK) for Paraiso Production Diffusion.

The 3 script consultants who will take part in Interchange 2011 are Malak Quota (Saudi Arabia), Nadia Eliewat (Jordan) and Naji Abu Nowar (Jordan).

Participants will develop their projects during 2 residential workshops + on-line sessions under the guidance of French story editor and scriptwriter Antoine Le Bos, Lebanese scriptwriter Jacques Akchoti and Italian scriptwriter Nicola Lusuardi, while producers will be leaded in their work by German producer Roshanak Behesht Nedjad (Flying Moon). The final moment of the programme will be reached during the second workshop, which will take place during the Dubai International Film Festival in December 2011. This final workshop will include a pitching event and one-to-one meetings with film industry professionals from EU and Arab countries.

April 27, 2011

The European Film Promotion network (EFP) selected three former TFL participants to take part in the networking platform Producers on the Move at the Cannes International Film Festival on May 14-17. This 3-day event will allow the selected professionals to discuss ideas as well as the planning and financing of international projects, and explore the potential for possible co-productions.


This edition - which marks 12 years of existence of the programme - will see the largest number of participants to date with 25 producers representing as many countries. Among them, the following were invited to develop and pitch projects within TorinoFilmLab in the past:


- Hlín Jóhannesdóttir, Zik Zak Filmworks, Iceland - HOME AWAY FROM HOME (FrameWork 2008)
- Marta Donzelli, Vivo Film, Italy - THE FOUR TIMES (FrameWork 2008, Production Award 2008)
- Samm Haillay, Third Films, UK - BYPASS (FrameWork 2009, Production Award 2009)

April 26, 2011

TorinoFilmLab's Script Pitch offers a new exciting training opportunity to European film professionals willing to gain hands-on experience in the creation of an audience & promotion strategy for independent and arthouse film projects at an early development stage.


Selected participants will work on the Script&Pitch projects that are currently being developed in the 2011 edition of the programme. The work will focus on the dynamics of developing an audience strategy for a number of projects by observing the work of a team made of 4 writers, 1 tutor and 1 story editor trainee, collaborating closely with the writers/directors.


Participants will collaborate with the authors through 6 months of development and will present the results of their work in front of an audience of over 100 producers, sales agents and other industry professionals from all over the world at the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event in November.


For more information please visit the dedicated page of our website or e-mail olga.lamontanara@torinofilmlab.it.

April 19, 2011

Following the success of LE QUATTRO VOLTE, TorinoFilmLab returns to this year’s Cannes Film Festival with three projects selected for the Cannes Cinéfondation Atelier and one in competition at the Critics Week.


THE SLUT by Hagar Ben-Asher (TFL Production Award 2009) has been selected as one of the 7 feature films - out of 1050 submissions - in the official competition of the 50th Cannes Critics Week. The project was developed within the TorinoFilmLab FrameWork programme (at the time called Development) in 2009 and received a production grant of 100.000 Euro, the full amount then necessary to complete its financing.


Founded in 1962 by the Union of French Film Critics, the Critics Week is the oldest of the Cannes festival sidebars. Each year, a panel of international critics selects around a dozen shorts and features from first and second-time filmmakers to compete in this section. This year the event will take place from May 12-20, 2011.


The Cinéfondation Atelier selected a total of 15 international projects. The film directors will participate in the next edition of the Cannes Film Festival with their producers and they will be introduced to international industry professionals. The following TFL projects will be part of the 2011 Cinéfondation Atelier:

- IL SUD E' NIENTE by Fabio Mollo (Italy), developed as part of FrameWork 2010 and winner of a TFL Production Award (€100,000) at the end of the programme.
- WOLF by Bogdan Mustata (Romania), which was developed in Script&Pitch 2009 and, after winning a Development Award, within FrameWork 2010. The project also won a TFL Production Award (€140,000) at the TFL Meeting Event in last November.
- MR KAPLAN by Alvaro Brechner (Spain/Uruguay), developed during Script&Pitch 2010 and currently part of the FrameWork 2011 programme after winning a Development Award at the last Meeting Event.


April 18, 2011

Leonardo Staglianò' s comedy THE INCREDIBLE ODYSSEY OF DANIEL FLOW is one of the three finalists in the Ivy Film Festival Screenplay Competition at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island (USA). The project was developed in Script&Pitch 2008 and, after winning a Development Award, in FrameWork 2009.


The Ivy Film Festival, born in 2001, encourages the creative efforts of undergraduate and graduate student filmmakers by acting as a quality venue for their work and by creating opportunities to learn from one another and talented professionals. The festival strives to garner recognition for student filmmakers by means of a panel of celebrity judges including directors, producers, writers, and agents who will view the top films from the festival. The 2011 edition keynote speaker will be Academy Award winner Aaron Sorkin.

April 4, 2011

LE QUATTRO VOLTE by Michelangelo Frammartino (TFL Production Award 2008) is currently being screened at the Film Forum, New York’s leading movie house for independent premieres and repertory programming since 1970.


On this occasion the film has been enthusiastically reviewed among others by the New York Times as one of their critics’ picks. NYT chief film critic Anthony Oliver Scott praises the “idiosyncratic and amazing film by Michelangelo Frammartino”, claiming that “you have never seen anything like this movie, even though what it shows you has been there all along”.

March 25, 2011

The Pixel Lab, organized by our partner Power to the Pixel, is a leading project-led workshop which enables European film producers and media professionals to tap into the business knowledge-base of the film, online, gaming, broadcast and mobile industries.


Power to the Pixel will select up to 40 European producers, decision-makers and executives to attend a residential six-day workshop from 26 June to 2 July 2011 with a focus on developing stories that can extend across film, television, online, gaming and mobile platforms.

Producers who attend The Pixel Lab with a cross-media project will benefit from distance learning between July and September to devise a selling document, followed by final project presentations to invited industry guests during Power to the Pixel's Cross-Media Forum held each October in London. One producer will be awarded with The Pixel Lab prize.


Teaching is led by international cross-media pioneers, including: Michel Reilhac, Executive Director ARTE France Cinéma; Adam Sigel, Content Strategist, Writer & Producer; Inga Von Staden, Media Architect & Educator; Nuno Bernardo, CEO & Producer, beActive.

The deadline for applications is April 1st, 2011. For more information and details on how to apply visit the dedicated page of the Power to the Pixel website.

March 23, 2011

TorinoFilmLab proudly presents the selection for the fourth edition of FrameWork (formerly known as the Development programme). 11 projects have been chosen to participate in the programme, that will take place between April and November 2011: the teams of writer/director and producer will take part in 2 workshops in Turin; they will present their projects in front of 120 producers and industry professionals at the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event, held in November within the 29th Torino Film Festival, and compete for one of the TFL Production Awards (between 50.000 and 200.000 €). The projects will also be eligible for the Audience Award (30.000 €) and the Post Production Award (supporting the participation of a producer in the EP2C Training Programme).

The selection team of TorinoFilmLab has invited the following 5 filmmakers to participate in the FrameWork Programme 2011 with their first or second feature film project:

-    THE FUNGI by Oscar Ruiz Navia (Colombia)
-    TOUCH ME NOT by Adina Pintilie (Romania)
-    THE LAST LAND by Pablo Lamar (Paruguay)
-    UNDERGROUND FRAGRANCE by Peng Fei Song (China)
-    BEIRUT, I LOVE YOU by Zena El Khalil (Lebanon) and Gigi Roccati (Italy)
In addition to the 5 invited projects, 6 out of the 15 Script&Pitch participants from the 2010 selection received a Development Award during the Final Meeting Event, which allows them to enter the FrameWork programme, and thus continue working with TorinoFilmLab for another year.

The Script&Pitch projects that will participate in FrameWork are:

-    MR KAPLAN by Alvaro Brechner (Uruguay/Spain)
-    DEADWEIGHT by Axel Koenzen (Germany)
-    ROMANIAN SPRING by Anca Miruna Lazarescu (Romania)
-    ADAMA by Julien Lilti and Simon Rouby (France)
-    MERCURIALES by Virgil Vernier (France)
-    HISTORIA DEL MIEDO by Benjamin Naishtat (Argentina)

March 21, 2011

After being screened in the main Programme of the 41st Forum at the Berlinale, the two projects funded by TorinoFilmLab in 2008 keep travelling the world through festivals.

SWANS (Germany/Portugal, 2010) by Hugo Vieira da Silva will be shown in the Panorama sections of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival (April 1-9) and BAFICI (April 6-17).

HI-SO (Thailand, 2010) by Aditya Assarat, which had its world premiere at the Pusan International Film Festival in October 2010 and was selected for the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival, is now at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. HI-SO will soon be in competition in the official section at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, while in the summer it will be screened at the Jerusalem Film Festival and at the 60th Melbourne International Film Festival, in July.

Apply now to participate in the second edition of Interchange! After the success of its first run in 2010, for its second edition Interchange opens up to all the 22 Arabe League countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.


12 teams of writer/director and producer coming from these Arab countries or from Europe will be selected to develop their fiction feature projects through two intensive 5-day workshops (end of May/beginning of June and December 2011) and two on-line sessions. The programme will culminate in a final pitch at the 2011 Dubai International Film Festival.


European applicants must be able to demonstrate a clear relationship to or involvement with the Arab countries indicated above and proposed projects should come from or be related to them.



Arab film professionals can also apply as script trainee consultants, without a project, in order to develop their skills as script editors. The script trainee consultants will work on the teams' projects.


We would like to remind you that there is no fee to pay: TorinoFilmLab will cover participants' accommodation expenses (hotel and meals) during the two workshops, in order to encourage and enable deserving applicants to take part in the programme regardless of their financial situation.

Besides, travel expenses for the workshops have to be covered by participants but they will be partially reimbursed.


Interchange is run by TorinoFilmLab, the Dubai International Film Festival and EAVE and it is supported by MEDIA Mundus. For further information: http://www.torinofilmlab.it/interchange.php

For further information: http://www.torinofilmlab.it/interchange.php

March 9-15 2011

The Swedish city of Helsingborg will host the first residential workshop of the 2011 edition of Script&Pitch, thanks to the partnership with BoostHBG and Film i Skåne. The new TorinoFilmLab transmedia training programme, the Writer’s Room – which was recently launched in collaboration with Power to the Pixel – will also start in the same dates and same place.


Script&Pitch’s 16 scriptwriters and 4 story editor trainees from all over the world will begin working in groups to develop their projects under the guidance of 4 international tutors (Antoine Le Bos, Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten, Franz Rodenkirchen and Anita Voorham).


The first edition of the Writer’s Room will see 4 international participants developing a transmedia project created by Michel Reilhac (Director of ARTE France Cinema) under the supervision of a tutor, Gino Ventriglia.


Participants from Script&Pitch and the Writer’s Room will share some moments of the workshop: there will be lectures held by tutors, trainers and local guests. The S&P and WR groups will also get to network with professionals taking part in the BoostHBG Cross Media Lab, also happening in Helsingborg in the same period.

February 2011

Adina Pintilie's project TOUCH ME NOT (formerly MISS JACOB'S LONG SUNDAY), developed within Script&Pitch 2007, participated in Cinemart 2011 at the IFFR Rotterdam and was awarded the Arte France Cinéma Award (10,000 Euro) for the Best CineMart 2011 Project. TOUCH ME NOT, which will be Pintilie’s first feature fiction film, has also participated in the Amsterdam Binger Filmlab and will continue the development in the Binger’s Directors Lab in 2011. The film will be a co-production of Manekino Film (Romania), Atopic (France) and 4 Proof Film (Romania).

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