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Script&Pitch, AdaptLab and Story Editing selections unveiled!

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Script&Pitch, AdaptLab and Story Editing selections unveiled!

January 18, 2016

TorinoFilmLab is glad to announce the selections for its Script&Pitch, AdaptLab and Story Editing programmes.

Script&Pitch is an advanced scriptwriting training for international scriptwriters working on fiction feature films. Here’s the 2016 line-up:

Ahmed Amer (Egypt/USA) & Omar El Zohairy (Egypt) – FEATHERS OF A FATHER
Yael Bartana & Yuval Aharoni (Israel) – SIMONE THE HERMETIC
Leonardo Brzezicki (Argentina/Poland) – I AM ALMOST IN LOVE WITH YOU
Romain Cogitore (France) – ZAD
Federico Ferrone (Italy) – THE BEST REWARD
Marie Grahtø (Denmark) – TEENAGE JESUS
Philippe Lacôte (Côte d'Ivoire/France) – ZAMA
Aly Muritiba (Brazil) – BLOOD-DRENCHED BEARD
Andrey Paounov & Vanya Rainova & Alex Barrett (Bulgaria) – JANUARY
Vuk Rsumovic (Serbia) – LIVING
Mia Spengler (Germany) – THE GHETTO OF MEDIOCRITY
Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk (Ukraine) - PAMFIR

AdaptLab – the training course for international scriptwriters wishing to develop a book-to-screen adaptation – foresees a total of 12 participants: 6 working on pre-selected novels and 6 on their own adaptation projects.

Here’s the 6 participants working on as many pre-selected novels:

Cristina Bîlea (Romania)
Lawrie Doran (UK)
Tamara Erde (France/Israel)
Kim Eun-Zi (Austria)
Khurrum M. Sultan (UK/Pakistan)
Frédéric Zeimet (Luxembourg)

And here's the pre-selected novels - the selction has been made in partnership with SCELF:

Bad Trunk by Joseph Incardona
Escape to Nowhere by Francis Ryck
Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev 
Kamal Jann by Edde Dominique 
The Gene of Doubt by Nicos Panayotopoulos 
When the Wind Blows by Laurent Galandon and Cyril Bonin 

And the 6 participants working on their own adaptation projects:

Kadir Balci (Belgium) – HARDER THAN SNOW, based on the novel by Stefan Hertmans
Jan-Ole Gerster (Germany) – IMPERIUM, based on the novel by Christian Kracht
Dénes Nagy (Hungary) – NATURAL LIGHT, based on the novel by Pál Závada
Minna Prader (Switzerland) – YOUTH WITHOUT GOD, based on the novel by Ödön von Horváth
Mikko Kuparinen (Finland) – WHITE HUNGER, based on the novel by Aki Ollikainen
Chen-Hsi Wong (Singapore) – CITY OF SMALL BLESSINGS, based on the novel by Simon Tay

Linked to TFL’s development programmes – AdaptLab and Script&Pitch – Story Editing is a training course aimed at films and media professionals accompanying writers, directors and producers in the development of original or adapted fiction feature film scripts. Here’s the full list:

Erica Barbiani (Italy)
Delphyne Besse (France)
Vanessa Ciszewski (Germany)
Patricia Drati (Denmark)
Aleksandra Świerk (Poland)
Marijana Verhoef (Croatia/Serbia)