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SeriesLab 2018: 9 selected projects unveiled!

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SeriesLab 2018: 9 selected projects unveiled!

November 8, 2017

TorinoFilmLab is thrilled to unveil the selection for the second edition of SeriesLab. The programme will guide international scriptwriters and directors in the development of innovative TV series projects that were never presented anywhere else before.

SeriesLab will follow the process of creation of the series concept throughout an intensive 5-month course (from December 2017 to May 2018) with 3 workshops in the Netherlands, Sweden and France, which will culminate in a final presentation of the content at the Series Mania Lille Hauts-de-France Coproduction Forum in front of an audience of international TV execs taking part in the festival.

101 proposals were submitted to the SeriesLab selection committee, chaired by scriptwriter and Head of Studies Nicola Lusuardi. Nine of these were selected to participate in the program, all hailing from Europe.

This selection combines content from countries that are recognized for investing many resources in the TV series development, including Belgium, Italy, and France; with those establishing a reputation for creativity and dynamism, such as Sweden and the Netherlands; along with new emerging markets, like Serbia. SeriesLab stands out for choosing a range of projects that cover all genres: science fiction, political drama, comedy, and thriller.

- AKA SUZANNA by Jessika Jankert and Lovisa Löwhagen (Sweden)
- ALBATROS by Wannes Destoop and Dominique Van Malder (Belgium)
- CHEATERS INC. by Soni Jorgensen (Sweden)
- KLAN, LOST IN BALKANS by Darijan Mihajlovic (Serbia)
- STYX by Michel Sabbe and Peter Bouckaert (Belgium)
- THE FENCE by Bethan Marlow and Hannah Thomas (United Kingdom)
- THE MATCH by Dario Bonamin and Francesca De Lisi (Italy)
- KAOS by Samuel Sene and Julien Wolf (France)
- URK by Tom Bakker and Laurette Schillings (Netherlands)

Throughout the workshops, the projects will be tutored by screenwriters Vincent Poymiro, Andrea Nobile and Anita Voorham, while producer Eilon Ratzkovsky and story editor Gino Ventriglia will supervise the training.

SeriesLab is realized thanks to the support of the Creative Europe - MEDIA sub-programme of the European Union; main partner: Series Mania Lille Hauts-de-France; with the support of: Netherlands Film Fund, Manusfabriken, VAF - Flanders Audiovisual Fund; in collaboration with: Scuola Holden.