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TorinoFilmLab unveils the new face of FeatureLab & announces dates for 2018 Meeting Event!

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TorinoFilmLab unveils the new face of FeatureLab & announces dates for 2018 Meeting Event!

February 1, 2018

TorinoFilmLab is delighted to launch the new season of FeatureLab, its training programme for teams of writers, directors and producers working on their 1st or 2nd feature film projects at an advanced stage of development, and for audiovisual professionals interested in gaining hands-on experience in the creation of audience engagement strategies. This year’s edition holds some promising novelties, including a new partner & a revised structure!

FeatureLab 2018 will take place over a 6-month period, starting with an intensive 2-week-long workshop in June up to the final presentation of the projects to an audience of more than 300 professionals during the TFL Meeting Event 2018

The island of Sardinia (Italy) will host the first workshop in early June, thanks to the partnership with the Fondazione SARDEGNA Film Commission. This new collaboration will contribute to forge ties between the audiovisual professionals from the region and the international TFL Community and will tackle several interesting perspectives & good practices for sustainable development in the European audiovisual industry.

During the first week, the participants will take part in group sessions and individual encounters with script consultants and experts in the field of direction, production, sound design, financing, post-production & audience engagement. Furthermore, the writers and directors of the selected projects will be invited to join a writing residency on the island during an additional week. This new formula will enable them to focus on their scripts and to reflect on the ideas developed during the previous week.

The final session will be held in Turin: this year, the international gathering will take place on 23-24 November 2018: save the date!

FeatureLab call for applications will be launched next week.
Deadline for applications: March 1st, 2018