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Curtains close on the first TFL Extended – TV Series in Turin!

TFL Extended

Curtains close on the first TFL Extended – TV Series in Turin!

April 10, 2018

The first edition of TFL Extended, the new training workshop open to all audiovisual professional, was officially closed yesterday. TFL Extended – TV Series welcomed 19 participants from all over the world who benefited from TFL Tutors’ know-how and learned how to implement the fundamental techniques to develop and produce successful TV Series projects.

During the first day of workshop, on Friday, April 6th, the participants gathered at IAAD - Istituto d'Arte Applicata e Design to follow the masterclasses led by scriptwriter Giacomo Durzi (“Fundamental of Seriality”) and HBO Development Editor Eszter Angyalosy (“Writing the Pilot”).

Other important themes for the production & distribution of TV Series were tackled over the weekend: publicist & marketing strategist Riema Reybrouck held the lecture “How to meet your audience and present your project”, producer Eilon Ratzkovsky presented “The European TV Series Market” and lawyer Pierre-Emmanuel Mouthuy spoke about “Writers’ International rights”. Last but not least, story editor Gino Ventriglia explored the art of pitching through a masterclass and some practical exercises with the participants reunited in groups, to learn how to make a strong and successful presentation.

The training workshop concluded with scriptwriter Stefano Sardo’s masterclass, “Meet the showrunner!”, in which they learned how to be inspiring, creative, efficient and productive throughout the whole development process.

The training scheme also included one-to-one consultations between the experts and each team of participants

«Coming in Turin has been one of the best choices of my life», «I have not found only high-qualified tutors, but also possible future co-workers», «A 360° approach on the process behind TV Series supported by a strong and professional community»: these are just some of the opinions received by the participants regarding the just concluded workshop. Important words to prepare us for the next TFL Extended to come!