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From Cannes to Turin:  “TorinoFilmLab presents” DOGS!

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From Cannes to Turin: “TorinoFilmLab presents” DOGS!

May 22, 2018

DOGS by Bogdan Mirică (France/Romania/Bulgaria/Qatar, 2016, 104') is the second TFL Film to be presented at Cinema Massimo, Turin, in the frame of the cycle “TorinoFilmLab presents”

DOGS is a thriller taking place in Romania’s countryside, near the border with Ukraine. Roman, a young man from Bucharest, travels there with the firm intention to sell the vast but desolate land he inherited from his grandfather. He is warned by old man Hogas, the local cop, that his grandfather was a local crime lord and his “boys”, led by the charismatic and cruel Samir, will not let go of the land – and their smuggling business – without a fight. Roman doesn’t give up and the three men clash in a triangle of violence.

Variety defined Bogdan’s debut feature as a “technically accomplished cross between the Coen brothers’ BLOOD SIMPLE and Cannes sensation ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA”.

The film premiered at Cannes - Un Certain Regard in 2016, where it received the prestigious FIPRESCI Prize. DOGS was also selected the same year at Torino Film Festival, and is now coming back to the Piedmont capital: Cinema Massimo will host the special screening on Tuesday, May 29th, at 8.30 pm.

“TorinoFilmLab presents” is an initiative by TFL and Museo Nazionale del Cinema, aimed at offering a selection of films developed and supported by TorinoFilmLab during its first 10 years of activity. The cycle was inaugurated on April 2018 with the film EL CRISTO CIEGO by Christopher Murray (Chile/France, 2016).

TorinoFilmLab also supports the TFL Films thanks to its partnership with the on-line platform Festival Scope. Check the TFL Collection: 32 titles are available worldwide for free!

For more info about the screening of DOGS, download here the Cinema Massimo’s May 2018 calendar.