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HISTORY OF LOVE selected at the Karlovy Vary IFF 2018!

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HISTORY OF LOVE selected at the Karlovy Vary IFF 2018!

May 29, 2018

We are glad to share some excited news from the 53rd Karlovy Vary Film Festival (29 June - 7 July): besides the TFL Alumni Meeting 2018, the Czech festival will welcome the world premiere of TFL Film HISTORY OF LOVE by Sonja Prosenc in Competition!

Sonja’s second feature (formerly known as ERIK) is a psychological drama centered on Iva, who is mourning the loss of her mother when she discovers that she had a secret affair with a co-worker named Erik. Her image of the family starts to fall apart and she distances herself from her father and siblings. At the same time, she becomes closer to Erik, as she realizes he is someone she can share her loss with. Until Iva’s brother takes the anger and the revenge onto himself.

The film is produced by Monoo (Slovenia), in co-production with Nefertiti Film (Italy) and Incitus Films (Norway). It has been developed within Script&Pitch 2009 and was one of the 9 films to be introduced at the work-in-progress showcase TFL Coming Soon 2017. HISTORY OF LOVE also received the support from Eurimages.

FrameWork 2013 participant Olmo Omerzu (FAMILY FILM) will also compete for the Crystal Globe with his new feature WINTER FLIES (Czech Republic/Slovenia/Poland/Slovakia), while ScriptLab 2018 participant Tomáš Bojar will present its feature-length documentary BREAKING NEWS (Czech Republic) in the Documentary Competition.

We are looking forward to spending time with our dear TFL Community in July!