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Eurimages supports 5 TFL Projects!

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Eurimages supports 5 TFL Projects!

June 28, 2018

Wonderful news after the 151st Eurimages Board of Management Meeting held from 18 to 22 June 2018 in Montreal, Canada: Eurimages granted Co-Production funding support to 5 TFL Projects, which joined the 2 already announced in the penultimate meeting.

The 5 feature film projects are:

- BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ by Burhan Qurbani (AdaptLab 2015)

- NATURAL LIGHT by Dénes Nagy (AdaptLab 2016, FeatureLab 2017)

- PELICAN BLOOD by Katrin Gebbe (FeatureLab 2017)

- SOLE by Carlo Sironi (FeatureLab 2017)

- THE ORPHANAGE by Shahrbanoo Sadat (FrameWork 2016)

Last but not least, 2 TFL Alumni also received support for their new feature film projects: so congratulations to Dragomir Sholev for FISHBONE and Jessica Woodworth for THE BAREFOOT EMPEROR.

View all supported projects here.