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TorinoFilmLab announces new partners and starts scouting for ScriptLab 2019!

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TorinoFilmLab announces new partners and starts scouting for ScriptLab 2019!

July 27, 2018

We are only about halfway through the year, but TorinoFilmLab is already projected into the future: we are therefore pleased to announce the first confirmed partnerships for ScriptLab 2019, which will allow filmmakers from selected countries to access TFL’s flagship programme.

Watch out, scriptwriters/directors from Poland, Switzerland and Brazil, you might be our next participants!

We are excited to launch a new partnership with the Polish Film Institute, with which we collaborated several times in the past, to welcome on board a Polish participant. Thanks to Swiss Films, for the first time a Swiss project will be granted access to ScriptLab. Last but not least, we are thrilled to confirm once again the cooperation with Cinema do Brasil.

Do you come from one of these countries? Do you wish to intensively develop the script for a feature film at an early stage within a group framework under the guidance of an experienced tutor during 3 week-long workshops over the course of next year, and present it to the international industry at our co-production forum in November 2019? Then read on. You might have a chance to come and meet a member of our team very soon!

In the next few weeks TorinoFilmLab representatives will visit festivals and markets in Poland, Switzerland and Brazil, where they will be able to meet local professionals who are interested in getting to know more about ScriptLab and introduce their projects.

So mark the following dates in your calendars and reach out to our delegates:

- Matthieu Darras, TFL Artistic Director > attending Polish Days - New Horizons International Film Festival, (Wroclaw, Poland) on 29 July - August 1;

- Eilon Ratzkovsky, Head of TFL Extended > attending Locarno Festival (Locarno, Switzerland) on 3-7 August;

- Erica Barbiani, Member of TFL reading committee > attending BrLab (São Paulo, Brazil) on 15-18 August;

- Philippe Barrière, TFL script consultant > attending Brasil CineMundi (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) on 28 August - 2 September.