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SeriesLab 2019 unveils 9 selected projects!

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SeriesLab 2019 unveils 9 selected projects!

November 12, 2018

TorinoFilmLab is thrilled to unveil the selection for the third edition of SeriesLab. The programme will guide international scriptwriters and directors in the development of innovative and unpublished long TV series projects at an early stage of development.

SeriesLab will follow the process of creation of the series concept throughout an intensive 4-month course (from December 2018 to March 2019) with 3 workshops in Ireland, Sweden, and France, which will culminate in a final presentation of the content at the Series Mania Lille Hauts-de-France Coproduction Forum in front of the professional audience of international TV execs taking part in the festival.

88 proposals were submitted to the SeriesLab selection committee, chaired by scriptwriter and Head of Studies Nicola Lusuardi. Nine of these were selected in the programme, for a total of 7 female and 9 male participants, remarking TorinoFilmLab’s effort towards gender equality.

- BELGRAVE by Harry Ayiotis (Cyprus) and Ljubica Lukovic (Serbia)
- CAHERDUIN by Gary Duggan and Laura McNicholas (Ireland)
- CLOSED CITY by Morgan Bushe (Ireland)
- GOTHENBURG KIDS by Emiliano Goessens and Morgan Jensen (Sweden)
- LOST LUGGAGE by Nathalie Basteyns and Tiny Bertels (Belgium)
- MOLLY’S BLUES by Lucie La Chimia (France)
- OFFERLINGS by Esther Rots and Anton Smit (Netherlands)
- STATE OF EMERGENCY by Filip Kasperaszek and Paweł Kosuń (Poland)
- THE WILD FIELDS by Piotr Szymanek and Marta Szymanek (Poland)

SeriesLab is realized thanks to the support of the Creative Europe - MEDIA Sub-programme of the European Union; main partner: Series Mania Lille Hauts-de-France; with the support of: Irish Film Board, Manusfabriken, and VAF - Flanders Audiovisual Fund. Thanks to these partnerships SeriesLab welcomes 1 project from each of the following regions: FranceIreland, Sweden, and the Flanders region of Belgium, whose participation in the programme will be supported by the above-mentioned institutions.