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TorinoFilmLab goes East with its 4th Special Focus on Festival Scope!

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TorinoFilmLab goes East with its 4th Special Focus on Festival Scope!

July 4, 2019

Cinema-lovers from all over the world are invited to spend their summer binge-watching the 4th TorinoFilmLab Special Focus on Festival Scope, presenting three debut features from Eastern Europe.

A fallen movie star, a broken family and a nurse trafficking ID cards of demented patients are the protagonists of the 3 TFL Films in the spotlight this summerEVA NOVA by Marko Škop (Slovakia), FEED ME WITH YOUR WORDS by Martin Turk (Slovenia) and Golden Leopard-winner GODLESS by Ralitza Petrova (Bulgaria) are available* online for free until August 18th, 2019!


EVA NOVA by Marko Škop (Slovakia/Czech Republic)
Eva is a film star. Or at least she was. Her heyday in the limelight is far behind her. Years of alcohol abuse, the end of the communist era and competition from younger actresses have destroyed her career. Fresh from the rehab clinic, she is determined to get her private life back on track, if nothing else. But this is a task easier said than done. In order to concentrate on her professional life, Eva entrusted her son to the care of her sister, Manka, and has since lost all contact with the now 40-year-old man. When she suddenly decides to knock at his door one day, she is hit by a wall of rejection. But Eva wants to do things right this time and will do whatever it takes to win back the love of her son.
World Premiere: Discovery, Toronto International Film Festival 2015 / FIPRESCI Award



FEED ME WITH YOUR WORDS by Martin Turk (Slovenia)
In order to perfect his research, Robert travels to Italy, where he meets an unusual homeless man. Overwhelmed and confused by the unexpected encounter with that mysterious man, Robert begins to follow him and disappears without a trace. Robert’s disappearance forces his father Janez to call his elder son Matej after years of no communication between them. Despite their unresolved conflicts from the past, Matej decides to help his father and they leave for Italy together. However, since Janez cannot leave his demented wife Irina home alone, Matej’s wife Ana and their daughter Veronica temporarily move in with Irina.
World Premiere: Portorož, Festival of Slovenian Film 2012



GODLESS by Ralitza Petrova (Bulgaria, Denmark, France)
In a remote Bulgarian town, Gana looks after the elderly with dementia and traffics their ID cards on the black market. Her mother, with whom she hardly speaks, is jobless, and her relationship with her boyfriend is not great either, to put it mildly. With their sexual attraction vanished, their intimacy is reduced to their addiction to morphine. Nothing seems to have consequences for Gana; not even the incidental murder of a patient, who threatens to expose her little traffic. But things start to change when she hears Yoan, a new patient, singing. A growing empathy for the old man awakens her conscience, but when he is arrested for fraud, she learns that “doing the right thing” demands a high price.
World Premiere: Competition, Locarno Film Festival 2016 / Golden Leopard



Tickets are limited. Don’t miss your opportunity to watch these TFL Films for free! 

*Restriction of availability may apply in some countries