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10 feature film and TV series projects in the line-up of the TFL Alumni Meeting 2019

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10 feature film and TV series projects in the line-up of the TFL Alumni Meeting 2019

September 24, 2019

We are excited to announce the 10 projects7 fiction features and 3 TV series – that have been selected for the upcoming TFL Alumni Meeting.

The annual gathering of the TFL Community, reshaped to take place in parallel with the TFL Meeting Event (21-23 November), foresees individual consultations with TFL tutors, aimed at nurturing the development of the projects. It will take place from November 20th to November 23rd, in Turin.

The 7 fiction feature-length projects selected for the workshop are:

CITADELLE, first feature film as a director of Arnaud Bénoliel (France), a former participant of ScriptLab 2005. Taking place between France and post-crisis Spain, CITADELLE follows a thirty-five years old architect, recently separated from his girlfriend, who is offered to take over the construction of an entire small city in the middle of Spain, Alameda.

Redmond Entwistle (United Kingdom), former ScriptLab 2018 participant, will participate with DECOYS. The film is set in Frankfurt, in 2008. As the US army bases are about to close, two youngsters enter a role-play to reconstitute one of the last actions of the Red Army Faction: the pick-up and murder of a US soldier in Wiesbaden in 1985.

ECHOES is the new project developed by Nicole Gerhards’ production company, NiKo Film (Germany). Nicole, who participated in Interchange 2011, ScriptLab 2012 and ScriptLab – match point 2017, will attend the TFL Alumni Meeting alongside writer/director Kai Gero Lenke (Germany). ECHOES is his first feature film: a sci-fi drama in which exact copies of humans are being created thanks to a 3D printer, with the aim of building a back-up for humanity.

Feyrouz Serhal (Lebanon) will pursue her work on her first feature film, I AM HERE BUT YOU CAN’T SEE ME, developed in Interchange 2012. The film tells the encounter of Viola, a singer and a member of an underground movement that assassinates the corrupt politicians of Beirut, and Farah, the son of a politician.

Producer Nadia Trevisan (Nefertiti Film – Italy), who attended FeatureLab 2018 with Laura Samani’s SMALL BODY, will work on THE ROPE alongside writer/director Alberto Fasulo (Italy). THE ROPE is a sci-fi movie set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, after an environmental catastrophe. A man that have sought refuge in outer space comes back to the Earth to find out whether earth can still support life. There, he will meet a woman that could inspire a new vision of the future.

THE WASHED SKULL is the new project by writer/director Martin Turk (Slovenia) and producer Ida Weiss (Slovenia), who had developed Turk’s previous film FEED ME WITH YOUR WORDS in FeatureLab 2010. THE WASHED SKULL, co-written with Fabrizio Bozzetti (Italy) explores family relationships through the eyes of Nadia: a successful forty-year-old lawyer living in Udine, who comes back to her hometown Cave del Predil for the funeral of her paternal grandmother, facing elements of her parents’ past.

Martijn Maria Smits (Netherlands), former participant of ScriptLab 2011 and FeatureLab 2012, will develop his latest project, THIS IS NOT MY REAL LIFE. The main character, Fulvia, is a low-life half-dead musician and drug addict in her mid-fifties who has broken off contact with her daughter Isabella for fifteen years. Due to the deadly incident of her daughter, Isabella’s children are forced to reunite with their grandmother for the first time.

3 TV series projects will also be developed during the workshop. They are:

DEEP BLUE is the upcoming project of SeriesLab 2019 former participant, Paul Piedfort (Belgium). This thriller series of 6 episodes of 50 minutes each is set in the 24th century: Adam discovers that he is the only human being who has not been programmed at birth, by accident. Because the authorities fear people with a mind of their own, they will try to hunt down and neutralize this deviant individual.

Helsinki-based filmmaker and video artist Maria Ruotsala, who participated in ScriptLab 2005, will develop the TV series MIRDJA: set between Helsinki and Paris at the beginning of the 20th century, the series follows three female artists – actress Mirdja, painter Ellen Thesleff and poet Edith Södergran –, mixing both fictive characters and real ones. Scheduled to last 2 seasons of 6 episodes each, the series will explore female emancipation, power, women’s sexuality and physicality.

Last but not least, SeriesLab 2019 participants Harry Ayiotis (Cyprus) and Lucie La Chimia (France) will initiate a new collaboration with THE CHIMERES, a TV series that follows the traumatic misadventures of a group of modern circus performers. Each episode will explore a character’s trauma, questioning memories, emotions and fears and how one’s past can shape their identity and alter their reality on a daily basis.