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Discover the 12 projects selected for the first TFL Next Film Development workshop!

TFL Next

Discover the 12 projects selected for the first TFL Next Film Development workshop!

May 11, 2020

We are so excited to present the 12 feature film projects taking part in the first edition of our new online development workshop: TFL Next!


The first workshop of the online initiative TFL Next kicked off today, gathering a total of 16 participants from all over the world. With TFL Next, the participants have the chance to work on the development of their projects under the guidance of highly experienced international tutors. They are divided into groups of 4 projects, each of them mentored by Eilon Ratzkovsky (Israel), Isabelle Fauvel (France) and Razvan Rădulescu (Romania).

The workshop consists of two sessions held online from May 11th to May 15th and from May 28th to May 29th, mixing both group work and one-on-one consultancies. An additional follow-up consultancy will be organized a month after the second session. 

This is a unique opportunity to enhance, share and test ideas with peers and experienced tutors from all over the world. Thanks to this global experience, the participants will have the chance to develop a strong international network: on top of the script sessions, participants will gather during special online events aimed at exchanging skills and finding productive collaborations.

The 12 selected projects are:

- ALL THE SONGS WE NEVER SANG by Amy Naao Aoyama (Japan) and Chris Rudz (Poland)
ANNULUS by Jiyuan Ler (Singapore)
- FAMILY TRIP by Magda Jaroszewicz (Poland/Germany)
- NOT YOUR SHADOW by Elena Brodach and Lika Dlugach (Russia/Israel)
- ON THE WAY BACK TO ISTANBUL by Demet Derelioglu Aran (Turkey)
- OUR BONES by Eliane Ferreira and Ricardo Branco (Brazil/Portugal)
- RED BEAR by Payam Razi (Czech Republic)
- SALAM by Abedal Salam Alajj and Mays Alreem Alkhafaji (Jordan)
- THE GOLDEN HOUR by Heidi Greensmith (United Kingdom)
- THE STRANGERS by Axel Öhman (Sweden)
- THOSE NIGHTS IN THE WOODS by Martin Tranquillini (Italy)
- TOURNE CHERI by Charlotte Rabate (France)

Are you interested in joining a TFL Next – Film Development workshop?
The call for applications is currently open for June 2020!

1° Workshop CALL OPEN
First session: June 8th-12th + Second session: June 22nd-23rd

2° Workshop CALL OPEN
First session: June 15th-19th + Second session: June 29th-30th

Click HERE to apply.
Deadline: May 15th, 2020