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TFL Next: discover the selection of the 4th Film Development workshop!

TFL Next

TFL Next: discover the selection of the 4th Film Development workshop!

June 15, 2020

The 4th TFL Next – Film Development workshop begins today, the last one before the summer break. So far 50 participants – from 30 countries around the world – with a total of 31 feature films have taken part in the online workshops dedicated to film development, which inaugurated a month ago with extremely positive feedback.

The selection of this new workshop includes 25 participants working on 16 projects, and further expands the pool of international filmmakers with projects from Finland, Uganda, Cyprus, Croatia, Lebanon, Estonia, among others. Participants will work in groups led by script consultants Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten (Sweden), Chiara Laudani (Italy), Leonardo Staglianò (Italy) and Aleksandra Świerk (Poland).

This first session will end on Friday, June 19th, while the second 2-day session will take place on June 29th and 30th. In September, the online workshops will resume with TFL Next – Audience Design, addressed to international film professionals interested in gaining hands-on experience in the creation of innovative audience engagement strategies.

We wish all participants a productive workshop, and we look forward to presenting the projects in the TFL Next – Book of Projects!

Full selection:

- A PEAR TREE BREAKS IN by Marcos Fernández (Spain)
- ALLEGRA by Nicola Bernasconi (Switzerland) and Giorgia Würth (Switzerland/Italy)
- AMYGDALA by Valentina Fedonos (Cyprus)
- APPROXIMATE JOY by Georgia Fu (United States)
- BEATRICE by Siret Campbell (Estonia)
- I WANT LOVE by Mike Forshaw (United Kingdom)
- METAL HEART by Sophie Kurpershoek and Sarah Marks (Belgium)
- OLD DYNAMICS by Gabriela Primicerio & Alberto Gerotto (Italy)
- PALOMA BROUHAHA by Natalie Immonen and Oliwia Tonteri (Finland)
- SADHVI by Sandro Souladze (Georgia)
- SALT by Sushma Khadepaun and Monique Walton (United States)
- THE DRAGON by Anita Juka and Ivona Juka (Croatia)
- THIS BEAUTIFUL NIGHT by Ozan Yoleri and Aysin Kadirbeyoglu (Turkey)
- TOLERANCE by Kris Rajan (India)
- VANISHING by Lucien Bourjeily and Farah Shaer (Lebanon)
- ZOMBA BEJA LAYLAY by Angella Emurwon and Fibby Kioria (Uganda) - selected in partnership with IEFTA - International Emerging Film Talent Association