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20 projects and the 5 Script Editor trainees selected for ScriptLab 2021

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20 projects and the 5 Script Editor trainees selected for ScriptLab 2021

March 9, 2021

After moving completely online in 2020, this year ScriptLab returns with a hybrid version, taking learning from last year’s experience and combining it with the knowledge of a residential workshop that has been running successfully since 2009.

ScriptLab will be guided once again by the Head of Studies Eva Svenstedt Ward and curated by Amra Bakšić Čamo and they'll work with a tem of tutors with experience as script consultants: Răzvan Rădulescu (Romania), Isabelle Fauvel (France), Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten (Sweden), Philippe Barrière (France) and Ana Sans Magallón (Spain).

Let's find out more about this year’s selection, which has swung slightly to the West with several projects from South and Central America. We are retaining gender parity which we believe is key to the future of the film industry, with the majority of the 28 participants being women.
Out of the 20 projects selected, 13 of them are first feature films and 14 come with a production company (or producer) already on board. Among them, you can recognise a familiar name and film title: Maura Delpero and her debut film MATERNAL - recipient of the TFL Audience Design Fund 2019 (€ 40.000) - that had its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival 2019.

“Our 2021 selection includes a Western, a huis clos mystery, a Second World War drama, stories about identity theft, homelessness and modern-day slavery in Europe. We have projects set in worlds inhabited by fathers and their children and by revolutionary housewives, with themes such as the complexities of parenting, the search for identity and the nature of bereavement. We are very happy to have a few excellent comedies this year, something ScriptLab has actively been looking for. It is noteworthy that an increasing number of projects reflect, in one way or another, a growing concern about the state of the natural world, a narrative theme TorinoFilmLab actively supports" As stated by Eva Svenstedt Ward and Amra Bakšić Čamo.

We are happy to have five industry professionals who will follow the process as Script Editor Trainees:

Isaure Pisani-Ferry (France), Tanja Hladnik (Slovenia), Signe Zeilich-Jensen (Sweden), Odile Antonio- Baez (Spain), Julia Niethammer (Germany).

Without further ado, here are the titles and synopsis of the 20 film projects that will be developed as part of ScriptLab 2021:

CONTEMPORARY ROAD by Alessia Chiesa (Argentina) - 2nd film
In the Summer of ’87, a recently divorced father in his 40s embarks alone with his children from different marriages on a trip to Disney World (Florida). The journey turns chaotic bringing to light the deep-rooted dysfunctionalities of the blended family.

COPYDOG by Deben Van Dam (Belgium) - 1st film
On the outskirts of Brussels, Erwin needs to deal with his mother’s death together with estranged other relatives, and it becomes more and more clear that Erwin Lazaar isn’t the only one wearing a mask during this funeral procession.

COST OF LIVING by Moara Passoni (Brazil) - 1st film
It’s based on the true story of the homonymous movement, the first voice of grassroots revolt against the authoritarian regime in the 1970s. Told from the perspective of its protagonists: a group of housewives from São Paulo’s southern and impoverished outskirts.

DEAD SHEEP’S WOOL by Rhys Jones (United Kingdom) - 1st film
The dizzying hedonism of demand is confronted by the shocking realities of supply, as a group of students must face the dark side of the cannabis trade when they attend an illegal rave on the Isle of Anglesey.

DEEPER by Virginia Urreiztieta (Venezuela) - 1st film
Deep into the Venezuelan savanna, Elena and daughter Anick make a living running a cattle ranch in an unruly world marked by political turmoil. As the mother struggles with depression, the daughter prepares to face a hungry tiger.

FRANCIS by Ian Barling (USA) - 1st film
An Atlantic City casino card dealer's troubled past is brought to the fore as he attempts to navigate the fallout from the inexplicable return of his estranged son.

INCANDESCENT by Dee Meaden (United Kingdom) - 1st film
A talented and insanely enthusiastic actor is obsessed with the idea of achieving success through playing Stanley Kowalski in a musical version of ‘Streetcar’, amidst an uncomfortable, growing awareness that as a white male, he’s less relevant or castable than he used to be.

LAND OF THE FERN by Ester Martin Bergsmark (Sweden) written by Jessika Jankert (Sweden) - 3rd film
Margit (19) leaves her small town for Malmö - to start a new life. After Mika abandoned her she just wants to get away. Margit has practised hard to keep their secrets - to separate the Land of ferns from the rest of the world. But as Margit becomes part of a new community, it gets harder to keep the secret to her self. 

MEDUSAS by Ely Chevillot (Belgium) - 1st film
Damien comes back to his family with his boyfriend, after no contact with them for fifteen years. His father is between life and death after a severe fishing boating accident. While giant jellyfishes invade the coast, he becomes too close with his sister-in-law.

MONUMENT by Christoph Rainer (Austria) - 1st film
The highly gifted Alice desires nothing more than to secure her latest invention with a patent. But the male-dominated patent office keeps rejecting her application. Therefore, Alice ventures out on an obsessive tour-de-force to fight for her mysterious masterpiece.

MOSEĆ by Miroslav Sikavica (Croatia) co-written by Marija Šimoković Sikavica (Croatia) - 1st film
A wake - in Dalmatian hinterland - is disturbed by the disappearance of the dead man’s savings. After the initial shock, the family are overcome by rage, lock the door on the inside and launch an investigation which turns into a bizarre hostage crisis and a frenzied search for an outside enemy.

RESONANCE by Yordan Petkov (Bulgaria) - 1st film
A new Public Warning System for alarms and disasters is being revealed in a sleepy, provincial Bulgarian town. The cases of looted basements increase and the locals cast their suspicion on a guy who spends his days in voluntary exile from the outside world.

RUBICON by Levente Kölcsey (Hungary) - 1st film
The teenager Balázs tries to convince his father not to move out from their provincial town, where the boy is part of a group who commit petty crimes. After a failed shop robbery, the boys have a crazy idea: to get hold of a real gun from a nearby shooting range.

SOON WE WILL ALL BE HISTORY HERE by Saeed Taji Farouky (United Kingdom/Jordan) - 1st film
Gaza, present day. While grieving the death of his sister Noreen, Suleiman finds an injured Peregrine Falcon and nurses it back to health. He believes it is a reincarnation of Noreen, but a militant group thinks its GPS tag is a spying device.

THE CRUX by Ulrike Tony Vahl (Germany) - 1st film
It tells the dark story of a small village in the north of Germany shortly before the end of the second world war, where the anxious inhabitants gradually succumb to the propaganda of terror that the doomed Nazi regime directed at its own population.

THE FUTURE IS AN ELDER COW by Janis Rafa (Netherlands/Greece) - 2nd film
In a quiet provincial town, a couple is preparing to welcome new life. The pregnancy leads to a series of realisations on motherhood, propagation and empathy, ending with the most subverted scenario: women giving birth to mammals instead of human beings.

The NEW ILLUSION by Jasmin Gordon (Switzerland/USA) co-written by Julien Bouissoux (France/Switzerland) - 1st film
After their mother mysteriously disappears from a parking lot, three siblings decide to brave the rugged countryside that surrounds them in order to return home. Along the way, they discover that their mother isn’t who she says she is and attempt to free her from the crushing weight of her own lies.

THE WOLF WILL TEAR YOUR IMMACULATE HANDS by Nathalie Álvarez Mesén (Sweden/Costa Rica) - 2nd film
Europe 1790s. Isabel, a conservative European governess, travels to Colonial Latin America to educate the two daughters of a British widower. Slowly, she discovers that a wilderness runs within the women in the house.

UNFINISHED PAINTING by Catarina Vasconcelos (Portugal) - 2nd film
Maria Ana has dedicated her life to painting restoration, but she knows that there is no way of restoring her body after six-year fight against cancer that now weighs heavily on her husband and children. Maria Ana decides to die with dignity, but Death rethinks her life as well.

VERMIGLIO, OR THE MOUNTAIN BRIDE by Maura Delpero (Italy) - 2nd film
1944-1945, Vermiglio, a small village hidden among the mountains of Italy’s Trentino Alto- Adige region. Lucia, Nanda and Flavia are the three young sisters in the local schoolmaster’s numerous family. Something changes when a group of soldiers finds refuge in the small mountain community

ScriptLab is co-funded by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Sub-programme of the European Union and is realized in partnership with Austrian Film Institute, German Films, Swiss Films and VAF – Flanders Audiovisual Fund.