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TFL Next - Film: a new workshop is about to begin

TFL Next

TFL Next - Film: a new workshop is about to begin

March 26, 2021

New week, new TFL Next workshop.
From Monday, March 29th it will be the turn of the first TFL Next workshop 2021 fully dedicated to feature film development. The participants selected, coming from all over the world, will work alongside peers and tutors, within two sessions in March and April.

Together with the producer Eilon Ratzkovsky (Israel), three more experts – fun fact: all coming from our TFL alumni community – will be part of the team of tutors during this workshop.
We are happy to have the filmmaker Ayman El Amir, Story Editing Participant 2015 (Egypt), the scriptwriter and script consultant Aleksandra Świerk, Story Editing Participant 2016 (Poland) and the producer Yorgos Tsourgiannis (Greece), FeatureLab participant 2020.

The 16 selected projects will be divided into 4 groups, to work on their treatment. On Monday the workshop will kick off with a 5 day-long session where the participants will discuss their work in group sessions and one-on-one meetings. Then, they will have 1 week to rework their materials which will be discussed in a second 2 day-long session.
After the development training, a final virtual pitching session, with tutors and industry guests to provide feedback on the projects.

Let’s now discover some names and projects’ synopsis.

BOOKKEEPER'S WIFE by Bauddhayan Mukherji and Monalisa Mukherji (India)
Through an unexpected discovery at the deceased husband’s office that sends the wife on a trail of heartbreaks, revelations and introspections, It explores the theme of individual versus society - the life-long duality of a man's private and social life.

BREAKING PATTERNS by Laras Reinstar (The Netherlands)
The project focuses on sexual trauma and its long-lasting psychological mechanisms.

BY THE FOX PATH by Marco Armando Piccinini (Italy)
An adrenaline driven horror/thriller that makes the viewer think about one’s own beliefs, prejudices and perceptions.

DONGTEE by Jiyoung Kim (South Korea)
A woman with her own trauma finds the historical trauma floating around the generations before her. To save herself, she faces the vast mountain where all the sorrow might have been. 

FRONTEIRA by Nuno Baltazar (Portugal)
It highlights the struggles faced by an immigrant while trying to find a better life for himself in a new country.

HOW WE LIVE NOW by Anna Fredrikke Bjerke (Norway)
Set in Oslo at a New Year's Eve party, the story follows five estranged friends and an uninvited guest, as they grapple with the pandemic year that has been.

JANA by Matteo Pianezzi and Alice Murgia (Italy)
A discovery of sex and femininity in the self-realisation.

JOHATSU by Lina Luzyte and Nerijus Milerius (Lithuania)
When the everyday life becomes a comfortable routine, it's precisely that routine, which lures one to start erasing the traces and to eventually evaporate.

LET US LIVE by James Doherty (Ireland)
The project focuses on if and how the wonder and imagination of childhood can survive incarceration?

LONG WEEKEND by Natasa Damnjanovic and Katarina Koljevic (Serbia)
It is a story about the life of a place, where one woman choses to die.

MAL AIRE by Patricia Santana (Spain
Zaida, a young teen from the Peruvian Amazon, leaves her community to continue her studies in the city. As she faces bullying and rejection, she begins to spiral down into a feverish world inhabited by spirits.

MIXTAPE by Emmy Oost and Abbie Boutkabout (Belgium)
When a trauma from the past resurfaces, three women from different generations are forced to speak their truth.

THE SECRET OF SIKÀN by Everlane Moraes and Tatiana Monge Herrera (Brazil, Costa Rica)
A sorority of women must deliver the sacred power of humankind and protect it from men.

THE WEEK DAD CAME HOME by Isabella Wing-Davey (United Kingdom)
Helen’s father is released from hospital after a long illness, and she starts making arrangements, but a shocking discovery threatens the last precious days the family have together. The story is an indictment of British middle class and the secrets we keep from those closest to us.

THE WILL OF BARTHOLOMEW BOSCH by Dimitrios Poulos (Greece)
An atmospheric journey into the mysterious life of a man who knew too much.

TREASURE BEACH by Storm Saulter and Robert A. Maylor (Jamaica)
A corporate executive is exiled to a sleepy Jamaican fishing village to protect company secrets. There, he must choose between blowing the whistle on an organization willing to kill to keep its profits and a seductive, investigative journalist imploring him to clear his conscience.