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TFL Next - Film: getting ready for round two

TFL Next

TFL Next - Film: getting ready for round two

April 9, 2021

The second workshop of the year dedicated to feature film development is about to begin. Sixteen projects – brought by with their writers, directors and/or producers – are ready to be boosted and enlarged.

TFL Next - Film #2 is structured in two online sessions held from April 12th to April 16th and then again from May 10th to May 14th.

The selected participants, coming from all over the world, will exchange views with a team of experts: the story editor and consultant Isabelle Fauvel (France), the screenwriter and story editor Chiara Laudani (Italy), the screenwriter and director Ori Sivan (Israel) and the story editor Gino Ventriglia (Italy).

Before plunging into the universe of the synopses, a bit of a reminder: two TFL Next call are currently available. One is dedicated to feature film but, this time, we have a specific genre in mind: comedy; the second workshop is focused on TV series projects at an early development stage.
Discover TFL Next - Comedy Lab and TFL Next - TV, applications open until April 15th.

Finally, here are the projects and participants that will take part in the upcoming workshop.

A BILLION SECONDS by Alexandre Singh (writer-director) and Natalie Musteata (writer-producer) - France/Romania
In this dark fantasy, a struggling novelist wakes up 31 years older, rich and successful. Has she lost her mind, or is she being manipulated by unseen forces?

CALIFORNIA DREAMING by Joanne Mony Park (writer-director) - USA
A Korean American teen spends a languid summer in Koreatown trying to understand her nascent queerness and her own multi-layered identity. 

DORNA by Abolfazl Talooni (writer-director) - Iran
A young karate prodigy has to choose between fate and freedom after confronting her father about his involvement in people smuggling in a remote Iranian village on the Turkish border.

EVE AFTER THE FALL by Lana Baric (writer-director) and Irena Markovic (producer) - Croatia
Named after Rodin's sculpture Eve after the Fall, this is a film about loneliness, vulnerability, pain, but also about love and friendship, which – as banal as it may sound – form the axis of our lives.

G.I.R.L. by Coral Amiga (writer-director) and Jamie Delaney (writer-director) - UK/Ireland
An alienated young woman develops a violent addiction to social media.

GRETA by Sanja Milardović (writer-director) and Matej Merlić (producer) - Croatia
An intimate comedy-drama about a diva actress who, after finding out her estranged son is terminally ill, desperately tries to find her way back into his life.

I WILL MUTATE LIKE THE JUNGLE ANIMAL by Hector Silva Núñez (writer-director), Josh Yablon (producer) and Rodolfo Cova (producer) - Venezuela
A young man returns to his afro-descendant hometown, in a remote Venezuelan jungle. Torn between emigrating and embracing his ancestral ties, he sets out in search of answers about his place in this community.

INDEPENDENT CHILD by Greta Griniute (writer-director) and Ieva Misiulaityte (producer) - Lithuania
The story focuses on a catholic childhood in the early years of Lithuanian independence.

MINE by Reinis Kalvins (writer-director) and Selma Karadža (writer) - Latvia/ Bosnia and Herzegovina
A sailor returns to his hometown and lands a job in a local gold mine, but the regained feeling of belonging soon reveals its dark side.

OH NORA by Aina Clotet (writer-director) and Marta Baldò (writer) - Spain
The story speaks of our deep fear of loneliness, a story of maturating and emotional growth embodied in a great love story.

PORCUPINE by Tatiana Leite (producer) and Eva Randolph (writer-director) - Brazil
It is a drama that talks about a conflict relationship of mother and daughter and how these two women need to overcome these conflicts to move on with their lives by covering different subjects of the feminine in a very singular way.

REHABILITATED by Razvan Oprescu (writer) - Romania
Leaving his ultra-religious family from an early age, Petru faces the dilemma of returning to take care of his father and to save their parents’ house, the only place where he felt happy and loved.

SIBLINGS by Juan Carlos Guerra Nuñez (writer-director) - Spain
When a cold and distant father dies, conflicts begins to emerge into an always complicated fraternal relationship.

STURM UND DRANG by Shen Wei (writer-director) and Yang Zhiguang (writer) - China
An intellectually challenged but genius poet unknowingly ghostwrites for a has-been best-selling author.

THE 13TH PLAYER by Mario Bucci (writer-director) and Marco Spinetti (writer) - Italy
Betting on football is easy when you know how the matches will end.

YALLA! by Tamer Ruggli (author-director) and Marianne Brun (writer) - Switzerland
Tarek embarks on an emotional road trip through Egypt, along with his dying mother and her group of exuberant childhood friends.