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Comedy Lab’s selection, a brand new TFL Next workshop

TFL Next

Comedy Lab’s selection, a brand new TFL Next workshop

May 13, 2021

Isn’t this a great time to unwind with a good old comedy story? We believe so.
In the frame of TFL Next – our short but intense virtual workshops programme - TorinoFilmLab wants to equip new and emergent comedy writers with the tools which will push their projects to the top of the commissioning editors’ pile.

This workshop for the first time fully dedicated to the comedy genre will move towards 3 steps: at first, there will be a common definition of the basis of comedy storytelling; then the participants, with the help of high-level tutors such as the scriptwriters Leonardo Staglianò and Jacques Akchoti, will rewrite their stories. Finally, they will present their projects in a virtual pitching session, where their tutors will give feedback on the new material.

By the end of the programme, unfolding between May and June, writers will learn the tools professional comedy writers use to create comedy screenplays, and how to use those tools to get started on their own scripts.

Let’s get already in a nice and chill mood by reading names and synopsis of the selected participants of the first Comedy Lab ever (for more to come!).


A PLACE IN ROME by Nicola Sersale (writer and director) and Elettra Pizzi (producer) - Italy
When a young Englishwoman inherits a property in Rome from her estranged Italian father, she soon discovers the dangers of owning Italy’s most sought-after asset: a parking space. 

DREAMING OF LIONS by Paolo Marinou-Blanco (writer and director) - Portugal
A dark and surreal comedy about euthanasia, where Gilda and Amadeu meet at an underground organization in Lisbon that helps the terminally ill kill themselves painlessly, then go on a last wild adventure to finalize their plans.

EXTRAVAGANZA by Hanna Maylett (writer and director) - Finland
Extravaganza is a comedy film about self-sacrifice and the power of sexual awareness.

NINJA FROM MANILA by Miko Livelo (writer and director) and Alemberg Ang (producer) - Philippines
A father flies his dying son to Japan to fulfill his final wish: to become a ninja. 

THE LIFE COACH by Tanno Mee (writer and director) and Marianne Ostrat (producer) - Estonia
Former children’s song contest winner Kreete and debutant life coach Joel set out to finally fulfill their true potential. THE LIFE COACH is a subtle comedy about perfectionism, procrastination and self-acceptance. 

THE OVULATION NARRATIVE by Vilja Autiokyrö (writer and director), Anna Mellin (writer and director) - Finland
The Ovulation Narrative is a mockumentary film about whether women learn to support each other. 

UMARELLS by Adam Selo (writer and director) and Angelo Troiano (producer) - Italy
The imagery of adulthood has highly comedic imagery that can make adults and children fall in love. The Umarell would become its intimate and iconic symbol.

YIASOU MAMA! by Natasha Markou (writer, director and producer) and Dimitra Barla (writer) - Greece
Scottish Nichola is a self-made woman who has eliminated anyone who stood in her way. When an equally strong opponent, her Greek mother-in-law Lemonia, ‘invades’ her space with a plan in mind, who will dominate?