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TFL Extended moves to Madrid with Film & Story Editing workshops

TFL Extended

TFL Extended moves to Madrid with Film & Story Editing workshops

September 16, 2021

Now that we can meet in person again, we are thrilled to present you the workshops TFL Extended - Film & Story Editing, that will take place in Madrid thanks to Comunidad de Madrid and Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

From 22nd to 26th September, 25 teams will develop their projects by working in groups guided by tutors with wide experience as script consultant: Aleksandra Swierk, Yorgos Tsourgiannis, Ori Sivan, Eilon Ratzkovsky and Isabelle Fauvel who, already from the 20th, will also lead the 5 selected story editor trainees flanking the projects.

Without further ado, down below you can discover our participants and their group’s tutor. Get inspired by the synopsis!

Side by side, Isabelle Fauvel and the story editor trainee Katia Monla will work on the projects:

A BEAUTIFUL DAY by Eva Moreno (writer/director, Spain) and Juan Carlos Velleido (writer, Spain)
An inner and outer journey of two people who were not destined to meet, yet their encounter changed their lives forever.

INSIDE OUT by Seemab Gul (writer/director, Pakistan/UK)
This film covers injustice against women in Muslim culture.

LEFTOVERS OF POMPEI by Ismene Daskarolis (writer/director, Greece)
Leftovers of Pompeii is about our journey in our romantic relationships and having to face a world that seems to be collapsing.

CARLA'S ENZO by Elmar Imanov (writer/director, Germany) and Adel Oberto (writer/director, Italy)
A friendship between a man and a girl. They accept and care for each other and decide to be family. Although completely on a platonic level, the audience will be confronted with its own prejudices.

ROTUNDA by Anja Zalewska (writer, Poland) and Joanna Zalewska (composer and songwriter, Poland)
"Rotunda" - explosion everybody has been waiting for - is a feature explosion film about the explosion of the Warsaw Rotunda in 1979 and polish female sex workers struggling during the coldest winter ever.


The tutor Yorgos Tsourgiannis and the story editor trainee Zhi Hao Koh will work on:

A CHILD IS LOST by Francisco Botelho (writer/director, Portugal)
A psychological inner dystopia about mental health framing the arduous transition from the 20th to the 21st Century and the ensuing socioeconomic inequalities.

ELEPHANT by Pablo de la Chica (writer/director, Spain) and Fernando J. Monge (producer, Spain)
Gabriel starts a new life with his mother in Madrid, running away from the violence of his commune in Medellín. He will learn to survive a new danger while trying to fulfill his dream of swimming with an elephant.

THE TAJ MOTEL by Nish Gera (writer/director, India/USA) and Sophie McVeigh (writer, UK)
An accident outside their motel in 1980s Iowa brings an immigrant couple and a lonely trucker together in a way that changes their marriage, and their lives, forever.

ONE MAN CULT by Jonathan Farrelly (writer/director, Ireland)
Can you ever be alive if you feel completely dead inside?

DEATH'S BRIDE by Antonio Morales (writer/director, Spain)
An unprecedented hybrid between vampires and the flamenco musical tradition: poverty can create the greatest monsters.


Another group of projects will be followed by Aleksandra Swierk and the story editor trainee Olga Michalik:

EFFIGY by David Tejer (writer/director, Israel)
Women searching for freedom during a bachelorette party, turning into ritualistic cleansing from depression, feelings of being imposters, and horror...

EVERYTHING I DON'T KNOW by Ana Lambarri (writer/director, Spain) and Carlos Guerrero (producer, Spain)
A woman looking for her place, a journey through social pressures and stereotypes that influence her life. Various decisions shape her reality, between the expectations of her environment and her own wishes.

MOTHERLAND by Charlotte Scott-Wilson (writer/director, UK) and Hanna Price (producer, UK)
A thrilling tale of self-discovery and survival in the Burmese jungle where a young Anglo-Burmese woman teams up with a British ex-pat and her Burmese nanny to flee the Japanese invasion of Burma. 

CHÓRORO by Dušan Lazarević (director, UK) and Katarina Pejović (writer, Serbia/Slovenia)
A mediator in the adoption of Serbian children and a 7-year-old Roma orphan form an emotionally tumultuous relationship and flee from the cruelty engrained in the institutionalised inhumanity of the adoption process.

THE LIFE OF A WOMAN by Sarah Clift (writer/director/producer, UK) and Jorge Aguilera (producer, UK)
Amidst the landscape of violence against women in Latin America, one man learns to appreciate the beauty of women.


Under the guidance of Ori Sivan, together with the story editor trainee Maria Laskaridou, will work:

THE FURY by Gemma Blasco (writer/director, Spain) and Eva Pauné (writer, Spain)
A modern tragedy told throughout two years, on how Alexandra, a young actress, transforms after an aggression and how she must cope with her brother’s thirst for revenge.

MAYA BUTTERFLY by Edwina Casey (writer/director, Ireland) and Conor Barry (producer, Ireland)
A promising young singer grapples with her degenerating hearing during the opening of an avant-garde production of Puccini’s “Madam Butterfly”.

A GOOD SPELL by Michael Lee Richardson (writer, UK) and Reece Cargan (producer, UK)
A feel-good character-driven story about mothers and sons, magic and mental health.

A PLAGUE OF ANGELS by Bryn Chainey (writer/director, UK/Australia)
Deep in the Dustbowl, a failing society is rocked by the arrival of creatures from the wetlands: naked, winged things that feed on the dead. Some call them vultures; others say they’re angels.

IVY by Catarina Mourᾶo (writer/director, Portugal) and João Rosas (writer, Portugal)
A film about adapting to change, coming to terms with decisions that are not always rational, in spaces that are charged with memories and a city finding its own identity after the pandemic.

The group that will work with the script consultant Eilon Ratzkovsky and the story editing trainee Moon van der Broek, is composed of:

THE GIRL WHO LIVED TWICE by Delia Simonetti (writer/director, Italy) and Zelia Zbogar (writer, Italy)
A mystery drama about an 11-year-old girl who visits the family of the man she claims to be the reincarnation of.

AN INSEPARABLE FRIEND by Teppo Airaksinen (director, Finland) and Melli Maikkula (writer, Finland)
A hopeful drama that deals with the impact of childhood experiences on adulthood and examines traumas as emotional damage that, when left unresolved, has the power to define a person in any way it sees fit.

GENESIS by Leon Barbero (writer/director, Brazil)
The Gospel universe as a gateway to Cosmic Horror.

SING YOUR SORROWS AWAY by Cristina Robles Ruiz (writer/director, Costa Rica/Mexico) and Natacha Ivanec (producer, Italy)
A road trip to México, which starts in a country that no longer exists.

LA UNION by Cordelia Alegre (writer/director, Spain) and Angels Masclans (producer, Spain)
With this film, I want to explore the importance of knowing the family memory in order to understand oneself.