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Alessandro Gropplero

Alessandro Gropplero


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Graduated in Communication Studies at the Trieste University, he started to work in 2000 with the Italian production company PIDGIN; later he moved on to collaborate at the London based company NUMBER 9 FILMS and in 2005 he returned to Italy and started working for the UDINE FAR EAST FILM FESTIVAL.
In 2007 he was appointed head of international relations of the FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA AUDIOVISUAL FUND and in this capacity he has planned the international policy of the fund and managed a variety of events, such as “WHEN EAST MEETS WEST”, “TIES THAT BIND Asia Europe Co-production Workshop” (both supported by Creative Europe) and “RE-ACT – Regional Audiovisual Cooperation and Training”.
He is an EAVE graduate, board member of EURODOC and member of the EUROPEAN FILM ACADEMY.

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The FVG Audiovisual Fund is a regional fund aimed at supporting the development of local film companies and promoting regional audiovisual works in national and international markets. The Fund operates in three main sectors: Training, Development and Production.
Along with the ordinary management of the funding scheme, the FVG Audiovisual Fund has organized several international events, such as WHEN EAST MEETS WEST and TIES THAT BIND - Asia Europe Co-production Workshop. The main purpose is to offer new training possibilities and set up new market places, where professionals can meet, share experiences and start to collaborate. From May 2012 the FVG Audiovisual Fund is member of Cine-Regio (the largest network of European regional funds), so to strengthen the co-development and co-production of audiovisual projects.