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Trent is born in 1971 in Amsterdam. He studied Economics and Philosophy at the University in Amsterdam from 1988 till 1992. From 1993 till 1997 he studied at the National Film Academy leading to several jobs on and off film sets, from production assistant to editor.

Since 1999 he has been the owner of one of Amsterdam’s finest videoshops Cinema, with a wide collection of films, working at the shop at nightime while working on sets at daytime until 2005. He remained the owner until 2009, when he sold his shop to the remaining employees.

In 2001 he started his own production company AllezAllez, making videoclips, commercials and short films on very tight budgets or no budget at all working with all kinds of Dutch artists and brands. In 2003 he started shooting his first feature as a producer, SEXTET by Eddy Terstall, on a total budget of €70.000 raised by several private investors. The film was finally finished in 2007.

In 2004, while in the middle of shooting SEXTET, he was the executive in charge of production on SIMON, also by Eddy Terstall. Afterwards, at the end of 2005 he became the owner of production company NFI Motion Pictures, which is nowadays calles OAK MOTION PICTURES.

In 2009 he won a National Filmaward for the film CAN GO THROUGH SKIN as a Special Juryprize. The Golden Statue decorates his office. Another prize was won in 2012, as the Green Filmmaker of the Year. This prize included a cheque of €20.000 and also decorates the office. Also in 2012 he was selected as Producer on The Move by European Film Promotion.

Trent is both part of the EAVE and the ACE network, and is an allumni at the Binger Filmlab and the Andrzej Wajda Studio (formerly Master Film School)

company profile

OAK Motion Pictures is based in Amsterdam and consists of two producers: Charlotte Scott-Wilson & Trent. OAK develops, produces and co-produces feature films, shorts and television drama for both the Dutch and the international market.

We feel strongly about transparency, integrity, sustainablility and confidence. We believe it takes time to grow and develop layer by layer, in order to end up with a solid company and films to match.
Our mission is to stimulate, inspire and challenge our directors and writers. We only select a number of projects to work on in order to produce daring and accessible quality films for an international audience.

OAK is both a voting member of the European Film Academy, the EAVE network and the ACE network and an alumni from the Binger Filmlab, Torino Filmlab and the Andrzej Wajda Studio.

In the last couple of years OAK has produced several projects amongst which Sextet by Eddy Terstall, Does it Hurt? by Aneta Lesnikovska, Can Go Through Skin by Esther Rots, Hunting & Sons by Sander Burger, Villegas by Gonzalo Tobal and Cornea by Jochem de Vries.

The feature Can Go Through Skin was selected at the Forum Section of the Berlinale 2009, played a.o. at New York, Edinburgh, San Francisco, Leeds and won several international awards. The feature Hunting & Sons played In New York, London, Sao Paulo and Göteborg while Villegas was selected for the official program of the Cannes Film festival 2012.

Subsequently OAK MOTION PICTURES wins the award Green Filmmaker of the year with the short film Life by Aniëlle Webster en Gerry de Hoogh.

2014 was quite filled. The short film Forever After, debut by Charlotte Scott-Wilson, world premiered in June in Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, and played in competition at the Premiers Plans Festival in Angers January 2015.

Two 50-minute-films, Free by Laura van Dijk & Martijn de Jong and Eddy & Coby by Marco Knijnenburg & Jeroen Annokkee were shot in Spring 2014 and premiered at the Dutch Film festival in september 2014 and were both on television in January 2015. Free will have its international premier in Oldenburg IFF September 2015 and is nominated for Best Script for Prix Geneva 2015.

In the summer of 2014 we shot the feature film The Most Beautiful Thing in the World by Danyael Sugawara, with Dutch stars Maarten Heijmans and Sallie Harmsen. At the end of January the film was shown on television and is currently traveling the festival circuit.

Currently OAK is coproducing three international features. Math Sucks by Polish director Kasia Roslaniec who previously won a Chrystal Bear in Berlin and the Grand Prize in Tapei with her last feature film Baby Blues. The film is in sound mixing now, aiming for an early 2015 release.
The South African film The Wound by director John Trengove is a co-production with Urucu Media (SA) Riva Film (Germany) and Sampek Fim (France) is to be shot in November 2015, and the Danish feature Holiday by Swedish director Isabella Eklof is a co-production with Danish BEO Film and Bulgarian Waterfront Film and is to be shot in Spring/Summer 2016.