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Jonas Selberg Augustsén

Jonas Selberg Augustsén


Scriptwriter, Film Director


FrameWork Participant 2012


Jonas Selberg Augustsén has over recent years developed into one of Sweden’s most interesting directors. He started his career as a carpenter before making his way, via the fashion industry, into the world of film.

Starting with the spiritual, self-reflective and playfully pretentious essay film Hus, torn, stenmurar & en och annan drake, which was his graduation project from the School of Film Directing at Gothenburg University, he has gone on to tell stories, in his own distinctive and humorous style, about people and places that seem to exist in a borderland. In 2008, his much discussed feature film documentary Trädälskaren premiered.

His short films Autumn Man and Bogland are meant to be the first two films in a suite of five films based on Sweden’s five official minority languages. The stationary camera is trained on the beautiful countryside and rusty old cars alike. With quirky characters and the spare dialogue Jonas shows a unique personal style where the understated creates captivating environments and frames of mind, which are then allowed to explode at well chosen moments.

Jonas first fiction feature The Garbage Helicopter will premiere in 2015.