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Costanza Coldagelli

Costanza Coldagelli




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Costanza Coldagelli is a producer. She has been working in the audiovisual industry for more then 15 years.
She worked with directors such as Spike Lee, Paolo Virzì, Carlo Mazzacurati, Abel Ferrara and for commercials like "Tim" and "Banca Intesa". She executive produced the film "Pasolini" by Abel Ferrara, in competition at the Venice Film Festival in 2014.

She is the founder and CEO of independent production company MATRIOSKA. With her company she produced:"Strane Straniere", directed by Elisa Amoruso and co-produced by Rai Cinema, premiered at the Rome Film Fest 2016 and distribuited by Istituto Luce; "Albe", documentary directed by Elisa Fuksas and co-produced by Rai Cinema, presented at the Biografilm Festival 2018 and internationally distributed by Fandango; "Orecchie", directed by Alessandro Aronadio, feature film presented at the Venice Film Festival 2016, more then 15 awards all over the world.
Matrioska is currently developing 3 feature films, 1 series and shooting a documentary.

company profile

MATRIOSKA was founded by Costanza Coldagelli after many years of experience as a freelance in the production department of films, commercials and documentaries with the aim of producing innovative and quality feature films, documentaries and tv-series.
Recently Matrioska added a new business direction, establishings a partnership with the communication agency SuperHumans, realizing a dozen audiovisual products in one year, including commercials, mini web-series and branded TV formats.