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Gilles Coulier

Gilles Coulier


Film Director, Production


Script&Pitch Participant 2015


Gilles Coulier is a Belgian director, producer, scriptwriter and founder of De Wereldvrede. Gilles studied Audiovisual Arts at the Sint-Lukas Brussels University of Art and Design.

Besides videoclips and publicity he made three shorts, Iceland, Paroles and Mont Blanc.

With these films he was selected for numerous filmfestivals around the world. The films screened at Cannes Festival, Abu Dhabi Festival, Leeds Film Festival, Hong Kong Film Festival, Rio, Fluxus Film Festival, Brussels Film Festival…

In 2014 Gilles has completed directing the 8-episodes fiction series Bevergem for Belgian television and is currently working on his first Feature Film, Cargo. Both under the wings of De Wereldvrede.

Gilles loves meat with sauce béarnaise and likes to make his own French fries.

company profile

De Wereldvrede is a production company specialized in audiovisual fiction. Films and series. Our homebase is Ghent, Belgium.