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Pedram Dahl

Pedram Dahl


Scriptwriter, Film Director


AdaptLab Participant 2013


Pedram graduated from the screenwriting program at York University in Toronto and spent the next few years doing everything in the industry from emptying garbage cans and butt buckets on film sets to associate producing low budget features.

After relocating to Scandinavia, Pedram collaborated with several production companies as an associate producer for short and medium-length animated and documentary programs and coordinated development of various formats.

Determined to dedicate more time to writing, he enrolled in the North by Northwest Screenwriting Labs and POWR Story Market to hone his craft and has since fully devoted himself to writing and developing two feature length projects.

Pedram has directed three shorts that have competed internationally as well as a pilot for a feature length project Death in Perpetual Motion. His most recent project The Hunger Artist is expected to go into production in October 2013.

He is currently based in Malmö, Sweden.