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Joost De Vries

Joost De Vries




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After being founder, owner and producer of renowned production company Lemming Film for over 20 years, Joost established a new company in 2016, called: An Original Picture. He is also the managing director of the post production training Amsterdam Post Lab (formerly EP2C).
Besides that, he works for the Dutch insurance company No Risk On Set, providing risk assessment and monitoring film productions of a certain scale and complexity for their completion bond product.

Joost’s recent credits include Yorgos Lanthimos’ Academy Award-nominated and Cannes Jury Prize-winner The Lobster, Venice FIPRESCI Prize-winner Oblivion Verses and Serbian co-production Humidity which premiered in Berlin.
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APostLab Annual Workshop
Amsterdam Post Lab offers an annual 6-day workshop, dedicated to the post production of feature length films in an international co-production environment. During the workshop, 11 producers and 11 post production supervisors design the complete post production of their film, resulting in a workflow, planning and budget tailored to the international financing strategy. During plenary sessions, experts bring you up to speed about relevant post production topics.

APostLab On Demand
APostLab also offers tailor made one or two day workshops, and training to professionals at events such as Rotterdam Lab (IFFR), TorinoFilmLab, Produire Au Sud and many other occassions.