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Paz Fábrega

Paz Fábrega

Costa Rica

Scriptwriter, Film Director


FrameWork Participant 2008


Paz Fábrega was born in 1979 in San José, Costa Rica.

She studied still photography, and journalism before going to the London Film School.

She shot her graduation film, "Temporal" , in rural Costa Rica in 2006. The film has been in competition in Clermont-Ferrand, Tampere, Uppsala, Biarritz and many other international festivals. Her second short film, "Cuilos" , shot in San José, in 2008, premiered in August 2008 in the international competition of Locarno Film Festival.

Paz is now working on "Agua Fría de Mar" , her first feature. The film was developed at the Binger Filmlab and at the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. It won the Arte award at the Buenos Aires Lab and was a finalist for Sundance/NHK 2008.

Her past and current projects deal with loneliness and the vulnerability of youth, placed in the very particular context that is Costa Rica; a small country with amazing geography and landscapes, and a degree of isolation from the rest of the world, with many stories untold.