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Isabelle Fauvel

Isabelle Fauvel


Story Editor, Consulting


TFL Alumni Meeting Attendee 2018
Decision Maker 2018
ScriptLab - story editing Tutor 2017
ScriptLab - match point Tutor 2017
AdaptLab Tutor 2016
Story Editing Tutor 2015


After having worked at Flach Film and gathered experience as a producer, Isabelle Fauvel created Initiative Film in 1993, a company exclusively dedicated to film development. Since, she is the privileged partner of writers, directors and producers for all matters of projects and talents development around the following activities : talent scouting, subject research in literature, consulting, story editing and insightful advising during the whole project gestation period.
As such, she holds talks regularly in forefront events like the crossroads forum of Thessaloniki, the Sofia meetings, the coproduction forum of Namur, or Qumra in Doha. She is also a speaker in the Sorbonne university and works as a consultant for MFI (Mediterranean Film Institute), for ACE (Atelier du Cinema Européen) and for a large number of Euromed program's formation, - including creating training programs on demand - and cinema schools like FAMU in Prague. But she also ventures into the world of edition where she facilitates book adaptations, with "Shoot the Book !" with the SCELF (Civil Society of French Language Publishers) for example in cannes or Toronto, at the French crime novel festival Quais du Polar.
Her will is to contribute to the circulation of ideas and talents, to enrich the field of film development. Finally, and since the creation of Initiative Film, Isabelle is a scout for the Jerusalem International Film Lab and is a partner of the TorinoFilmLab, in which frame she cofounded AdaptLab.

company profile

Founded in 1993 by Isabelle Fauvel, Initiative Film is the first French consulting company specialized in the development of audiovisual projects for French and foreign professionals: producers, screenwriters, directors, artistic agents…
Initiative Film is an attentive partner, steps in at an early stage of the development phase. From the birth of the story to the start of production, we accompany your creative progress and your thoughts on the artistic and economic feasibility of your projects. Occasional or long-term missions allow us to have the necessary distance in relation to a work in progress or to find new projects and recruit fresh talents.

Throughout the development period, which is such a crucial moment in the creative process, our expertise allows us to respond to the questions and expectations of the scriptwriters, film directors and producers.