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Greta Fornari

Greta Fornari




Born in 1990 in Turin, she graduated in Communication studies at Turin University in 2012. During university she starts collaborating with the National Cinema Museum of Torino by working as a theatre attendant for the Torino Film Festival from 2008 to 2011. In 2011 she served an internship at Torino GLBT Film Festival, working at the Programming Office of the 26th edition of the Festival. In 2012 she attended a Master in Production Analysis and Cross-Media Communication in Turin.

She started collaborating with TorinoFilmLab as an intern in 2012 for the preparation of the 5th Meeting Event. In 2013 she joined the TorinoFilmLab team as a Project Manager and Hospitality Office.

contacts +39 011 2379 231