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Nicolò Gallio

Nicolò Gallio


Training, Publicity & Marketing, Audience Designer, Interactive & New Media, Consulting


Audience Design Participant 2012


Nicolò Gallio holds a Ph.D. in Film Studies from the University of Bologna.
He has a background in communications, PR and media relations and over 10 years of freelance and agency experience providing services such as research & insights analysis, digital PR, social media management, as well as training and strategic consultancies.
As a freelancer, he supports filmmakers, producers and distributors with tailor-made marketing and communication initiatives. He also runs international workshops and masterclasses focused on the creation of audience engagement strategies for independent and art-house films.
As a researcher, his main interests are related to the relationship between cinema, digital media and audiences, topics on which he has lectured at the University of Brighton, Middlesex University and Birmingham City University. His articles have been published in books and international journals focused on cinema and media.