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Natalia Garagiola

Natalia Garagiola


Scriptwriter, Film Director


FrameWork Participant 2014
Script&Pitch Participant 2013


Natalia Garagiola (Buenos Aires, 1982) graduated from Universidad del Cine, where she later imparted classes. In 2004 she finished an MA in Sreenwriting at FIA-UIMP (Spain).

She took part of the Experimental Film Lab (Universidad Di Tella). Her videos Pista (Track; 2007) and Plaza (Square; 2008) were both selected for Videoformes Video Art & Digital Cultures.
She has written and directed two fiction short-films: Rincón de López (2011), released at BAFICI; Mares and Parakeets (2012) premiered at the Semaine de la Critique Short-film Competition (Festival de Cannes).

She is currently working on her first feature film: Hunting Season. The project was supported by Fundacion TyPA (Argentina), Rotterdam Lab (IFFR, The Netherlands) and is currently undergoing Torino Film Lab’s Script & Pitch Programme.